What makes us who we are – final home lab


For my meal I planned to make a poke bowl. With a side of Edamame. With the dessert being a double chocolate cake for my brothers birthday. For the poke bowl i wanted to keep it basic and a family favorite with the basic poke bowl add-ins. Moving on to the side, i wanted too keep it simple because the bowl is so filling and has so much flavor. So i chose to make the side something you can eat on the side or add it into the dish. Now to the chocolate cake i made a “wacky” cake with 3 layers of dark chocolate in the middle, and chocolate frosting. My meal Was not too far off from what i wanted it to be. I Cooked white sticky rice and put ‘soy sauce’ ‘sesame oil’ and ‘ponzu” then i put the rice into bowls. i added rice seasoning seasoning garlic powder and garlic sprinkling on the rice. I added the toppings ( types of tuna sashimi, cucumbers, intimation crab, avocado.) then i boiled the side dish and begin cooking the cake. (https://www.thekitchenmagpie.com/crazy-cake-or-wacky-cake-recipe/ cake recipe I believe i showed strength in the following skills: I showed strength in icing and decorating the cake because the crumble coat went super well and it covered the cake completely and i decorated half of it with gold sprinkles and the other side with 17 candles. This dish shows significance because it is a dish that connects to my backgrounds and it is a dish that my whole family enjoys. It also has a super good healthy foods ratio so its super yummy and super healthy. This dish reflects on who i am because its simple yet complected at the same time kind of reflecting my personalty.

Cooking at home #1

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For this home lab I made Chocolate covered strawberries. For this lab I had strawberries in my fridge and I had a left over bock of bakers chocolate; So I decided I wanted to utilize these things to make them. So I started off with cutting the chocolate brick to about 1/4 cup of pure dark chocolate. then I put my double boiler on the stove to heat it up. I chose to use a double boiler because, I did not want to burn the chocolate. Especially because I had cut up the chocolate so it was all different sizes. After it was warm to the touch I put a little but of milk and butter to melt and warm up. As soon as the butter melted, I put the chocolate in and stirred it till it all melted smooth. Then I put sugar in it. ( I would normally put powdered sugar in it but we did not have any.) after I mixed it in, i started cutting the strawberries and getting them ready for the chocolate. Then I found out that the best way the get it fully covered, was to swearword it around the bowl. I did not use a recipe to make this dish. If i were to make this dish again I would use the icing sugar because, it would be thicker and and less see threw. The challenges I had to over come where not having the powdered sugar, so I replaced I with normal white sugar. I think my biggest success would be the final product because I’ve never made this and I’m really proud of it. I am most proud of not burning the chocolate because I seem to burn a lot of things.

Cooking at home 7

Family traditions- cinnamon buns

cinnamon buns https://www.food.com/recipe/bread-machine-cinnamon-buns-50722

For this lab i decided to make cinnamon buns; to do this my friend and i did some recipe looking and found on for my bread machine, after we did that we started to make our mixture and pressed dough/pasta button and waited about 2 hours. After that i pulled it out, floured the counter. Cut the dough in 2 sections and rolled it out with a rolling pin. After i got it in a thinner square i put a brown sugar melted butter mixture on it and started to roll it. It does not say to put melted butter on it at you roll it but my mom normally does that so that’s what i did. then i cut it into equal thin peaces and did the same for the other half of dough. then i buttered the pan and put all the buns in the pan and cooked them.

This has been a tradition for as long as i can remember, but my mom normally makes it in two variations; one in a bunt pan and the one in cinnamon rolls. And this tradition started when my mom was a kid. This tradition started when my mom was younger in the salmon arm in her family farm. There’s not too much meaning around this because the way it has been made has changes through the years. But to me its special because it only get made one or two times a year. The best part of this would definitely be the filling ans icing on top of it. The challenges that i faced where i could not figure out how to use the bread machine, so i face timed my cousin and she showed me how to use it. another challenge i faced was i could not fit all the buns in one pan so i had to get a smaller one to fit the last three in it. I think the greatest success in this dish would be the final product because last time i made this it was super hard and dry and this time its super soft and moist. I am most proud of the prep i did because it made it so much easier to do.

Cooking at home #1

sushi bowl

For this lab I made a sushi bowl (this could be considered a poke bowl but it dose not have raw fish in it .) My inspiration for this meal was, that i really wanted sushi at the time…. looking through my pantry i had all the fix ins to make California rolls but I did not have sushi seaweed. So I made the brown sticky rice and added ponzu and sesame sauce alone with ‘soy sauce’ and brought it a boil and cooked the rice. After I cut up the left over avocado and the left over intimation crab. After I cut up the crab I added mayo say sauce, sesame oil into the mixture; then I put all the sauces into the rice again to give it more flavor then I added the avocado and crab mixture. After that I put “garlic blaster seasoning blend” *my new favorite seasoning* and “katsuo fumi furikake rice seasoning” and “tajin classico” with a little bit of pepper to top it off.

I did not use a recipe to make this meal. If I were to make this meal again I would not use brown sticky rice (that is what I had at the time) because I find its really hard and dose not get sticky. A challenge I over came was not having the sushi roll seaweed; so I made it a sushi bowl. I am most proud of the final product making something new. I am most proud of this meal because I over came a wall and found something new to do with my prep and idea.

Home lab

For this home lab I made a kinda Buddha bowl, because I did not have all the things for it… so i made it using the same property’s. For this lad i think my success would be cooking the tofu just right. and making the sauce really good. the challenges I faced is that I’ve never pan fried tofu and i over fame it my greasing my pan cooking it till it was golden. And not making my peppers soggy, i wanted then still crunchy but cooked. I made a Buddha ish dish. My dish has white rice, pan fried tofu. With an assortment of veggies. So i choose yellow pepper, green onion broccoli. To top this off i used sesame and sesame oil with black pepper.

Cooking at home #1

For this cooking at home lab I decided to make chicken noodle soup.

For this home lab I made chicken noodle soup, using a carton of chicken noodle soup broth, one cube of chicken noodle soup broth and one cube of veggie soup. I used those ingredients to make the broth; and I used onions carrots and celery for the vegetables. And I also used these noodles that looked like wagon wheels and i used pre cooked chicken. After i did that i used seasoning and other thins to give it some flavor.

  • For this I somewhat a recipe, I just based it off and adding in some things I had and some other seasonings, I mainly used it to figure out what to put in it and how to so it. This is what i used… https://www.inspiredtaste.net/37475/homemade-chicken-noodle-soup-recipe/
  • If I where to make this again, I would not change anything because I really liked it.
  • The challenges I faced was taking apart the chicken was super gross and sad. And i fixed it by just doing it fast.
  • my greatest success was the final dish. Because i really liked it and i made it for my aunt too and it was also super good with is a great success.
  • I am most proud the cutting of my vegetables and getting them all about the same sizes and cutting the onions really good.


Yam gnocchi

For this home lab I made Yam Gnocchi. The left overs that inspired this meal where yams in my fridge For this assignment i used yams from my fridge . That where already boiled and crushed thema potato strainer to crush them. all i had to do was seasoned them. then i followed the recipe boiled them and enjoyed them. this is the recipe i used- https://foodwithfeeling.com/3-ingredient-sweet-potato-gnocchi/ if i where to make this again i would definitely add more seasoning. (ex. garlic powder, fresh garlic and more salt) problems i face where mixing it because it was super sticky and rolling because do not have a gnocchi board. I overcame them by mixing till it was less tacky and more smooth and just cutting them and not really shaping them. I’m most proud of the preparation and prep i worked hard to get everything hard to get it all ready before i started cooking. For this meal i’m most proud of is the finial product because i have never made this before.

Cooking at home option #3 – building skills- tools

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Food Scale

For this home cooking lab I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a food scale. This tool is used for measuring food in grams and oz. sometimes used in place of Tsp Tbsps or cups. Many People use this for measuring ingredients in the metric system not just for baking but cooking too. I used this item for measuring out all most of my ingredients for the smaller measurement I used ml. There are not many safety except putting in something that is super heavy and putting in a super hot item. The proper way to use this item is, to use the platter or the measuring cup on top and put the item in ether and wait for the scale to balance out and to make it perfect add in more with a small spoon or take out some to get the perfect measurement. If someone didn’t have this item they could use Ml Tsp Tbsp or cups, they serve the same purpose just different ways to do them. I used this to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and i shared it with my family. I used a recipe by ‘livforcake’ https://livforcake.com/oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies/ If I were to make this recipe again I would put in a little less sugar. challenges i overcame where – finding measuring spoon that where in ml, measuring the food right and leaning how to use it. I overcame them by being patient and asking for help. the greatest success and i was most proud of was the final product.

food at home option#1

For cooking at home I chose option #1 = Use what you already have. So i made chocolate chip cookies. For this lab i chose to make cookies because i had all the necessary ingredients to make them. i made these cookies because i really wanted cookies. these where normal soft vanilla cookies with lots of chocolate chips. I did not really use a recipe more like an ingredient list in. When I make this again i will add more chocolate chips. the challenges i faced what getting out the kitchen aid mixer (it was very heavy) and making sure the cookies where fully cooked. I think the greatest success was infect the final product, because they where very good. i am most proud of the final product because they where very good. i could defiantly improve on the prep and clean up throughout the cooking

1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 egg 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 cup flour chocolate chip (as much as you want) bake @ 350 for about 11 mins

Breakfast Hash- Knife skills

Breakfast hash reflection

For this class we made a breakfast hash, which I was pretty excited to make because I have never had it before. I think this lab was not really a success for me because we made it way to spicy by accident. Incidentally we also learned the power of spice and how you could not take it out once you put it in. It also was not a big success for me because we put rutabaga in it (Turnip) which i found was much more dense then the potato and had a different texture. Over all i found this was a So-So lab because i tried something new.

Knife skills

During learning knife skills, I learned how to properly hold a knife and how to safely use it.When we learned how to use the knife we learned to put our thumb and index finger on the blade of the knife right after the handle. I learned how to slice food, cube mince, dice and how to cut leaf items [ex spinach] safely. These skills would positively effect your dish by your dishes presentation. It would also make sure that your food is evenly cooked and its overall appearance.