cooking at home 4

Recently I found an interesting recipe. The recipe is so simple that I am sure I can consider this recipe as a skill or technique but the behind story of this recipe has forced me to eager to try this. The ingredients are some slices of bread, cream cheese, blueberry jam , some butter. Given these simple ingredients, you can guess how to make it I think. Preheat the pan and put some butter and a slice of bread. On the bread, spread some cream cheese. And spread some blueberry jam on it. Here is the technique that makes this toast special! Heat this toast up in the Microwave for ten seconds. And then, you can see and taste the difference. While I was trying to this repipe the hardest thing is my doubt about it. Compared to the before and after the heat in the Microwave the gap is huge enough. I recommend people to try this simple but special toast. 


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