Cooking at home – Soup

I made potato soup. One of my favorite YouTube channel ‘kkulki’ inspired me to make it. The potato soup felt very soft like velvet. And It tasted creamy and a little bit salty because of some cheddar cheese. 

I tried two versions, hot/cold potato soup. During the day, I prefer the cold one, but the hot one is better for dinner. I like the beige color of the soup and the particle of the golden-brown color of the pan-fried skin of the potatoes. – I recommend this YouTube Channel! I would like to put some More garnish like cheese balls. I think soft creamy soup can be matched well with crunch cheese boll shell and needless to say the mozzarella cheese in it. Stirring the potatoes and onion quite long was boring to me. However I knew that the longer I cooked them before I pour some chicken stock and milk and cream, the more scrumptious it will be.  At home, potatoes are common ingredients and the troublesome is they can sprout easily. Therefore we should consume them as soon as possible. It is the right time that I cook potato soup. And when I feel under the weather, hot potato soup is as good as chicken soup. And it is much easier than that.  The fact that I can make something when I feel under the weather made me proud of myself. 


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