Cooking at home 3

This is a tool that we use when mashing food. We have to be careful not to hurt hands when using this tool. Proper way of using this tool would be holding the edge of the tool when washing food.  If someone did not have this item in their kitchen, they could use a spoon instead to mash it. I made a mash potato by using this tool. I shared this food with my brother. I followed a recipe that my mom uses. If I were to make this dish again, I would add more seasoning to mash potato. Since it wasn’t a hard recipe to follow, there weren’t any challenges to overcome. The final product was my greatest success in this dish. I was proud of making this food for my brother.


The lab went well because our group had good communication which led our lab to be successful. It was challenging when we had to move around because it made it harder for us to communicate. It was important to have good communication with our group during the lab because it helped everyone work on their roles. Good communication means listening to others and speaking nicely. If group members are not communicating, there might be some accidents or errors during the lab. Therefore, to do a successful lab, group members should have good communication.

Safety and Sanitation

We thought that safety and sanitation were the most important things to focus on while we were cooking. Our labs went well since our group always tried to be careful when handling hot or sharp objects. However, there were some challenges, when we had to work quickly. In order to work quickly, we had to change positions which could have been unsafe. In the muffin lab, one of our safety concerns was putting the muffins in the oven since the tray was hot. I made sure that every material was cleaned up right after we used them. Therefore, the place was safe and clean. These things are important because there should be no one getting injured or sick during the lab.

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Most Memorable Food Experience

My most memorable food experience was the chocolate waffle that my mom made. It had a thick crispy surface with soft bread inside. My mom made the waffle in my grandparent’s place. There was just me and my grandparents there, when my mom was making the waffle. It was the first time that I ate a waffle that was homemade. When the waffle was ready, it smelled like chocolate. When I bit the waffle, I heard a crunch. This meal stood out for me because I never thought a waffle could taste good before having this. In addition, this waffle is significant for me since I was able to spend time with my grandparents and at the same time I got to try something new.