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Hi my name is Malcolm. This year I am in grad 9 (My first year of high school). Last year I was a Citadel middle school in Port Coquitlam. The reason why I was in Port Coquitlam, was that my sisters was in a specific program and it was easier to put m in the same school so that we didn’t have to do a lot of driving. Now I am back in Coquitlam for high school. It is much easier to drive to one school (Because my sister is a grade above me and was already at the high school.) Some interesting words that describe me are hardworking because I will always do my part in a project and put in a much knowledge as I can. Some of my hobbies include photography. My two favourite camera brands are Nikon and Fujifilm because they have high-end and quality Mirrorless and DLSR cameras. My current camera is a Nikon D5000. I have used other cameras like a D7200 D80 and a D70. They are older cameras, but My dad and I use the D80 for astronomy photography. We have gotten grate pictures and some of them are really good. A person like, Jack Newton is a great astro-photographer and he takes some of the best pictures in amateur astronomy., I use a 50mm, 70-300mm, and a 500mm lens. I also love astronomy. My dad has a 14″ Meade LX200 telescope in our back yard. It is huge and amazing. I like to build things like desks / speakers / houses (I make floor plans and designs and I am building a deck for my house.), I like music (I play the snare drum in the Gr. 4 White Spot Pipe Band) I like architecture, I also like to make 3D models of houses (In CAD programs or with LEGO). My favourite courses that I have had (Before grade 9) have been science and math. My most challenging course this year so far is French because it has been 5 months since we have taken a French class spoken French.


My two favourite images are ones that I have taken. They are pictures of a heron that I took in the summer time on a beach in Nanaimo. I like these pictures because it was a really fun experience watch the heron.

Links, Quotes, and Websites:

My favourite websites are Klipsch and Floor planner because Klipsch is a good brand for high quality speakers that I use for designs and ideas. I use floor planner for designing houses, cabins, rooms, and other buildings.



My favourite quote is…

– “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” – Carl Sagan

My favourite video is a video of me playing with the white spot pipe band doing our Medley in the summer of Covid. I like this video because it was a fun experience to play with the band after a year of practicing by ourselves in quarantine. I was on the left playing with the black sticks in the yellow and white shirt on the snare drum.

WSPB 2020 Medley –

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