Communication Skills

In one of our foods labs, we made banana muffins. They tasted good, and for muffins, they weren’t overly unhealthy. We worked fast and helped each other out. The muffins had a nice moist texture and each muffin was about the same size as the others, which was a great success. A challenge began when I accidentally added the same amount of sugar as I did flour, which was way too much. I told my partner how I messed up and we worked together to take the extra sugar out. Luckily we took out the right amount and our cookies turned out awesome.

I think communication is extremely important when cooking with others. For example, messing up with the sugar. If I didn’t tell my partner the mistake I made, she wouldn’t have helped me fix the problem. So many things can go wrong when you don’t converse with your peers, discuss a plan, and sort out who’s working on what. One person might expect that their partner is pre-heating the oven or preparing one of the ingredients (when they aren’t), and they could both end up missing that step. It could also go the opposite, where both people take responsibility for the same step and they waste their time making more than needed of an ingredient.


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