hello! My name is Mia and some interesting things about me are that I love cats! I have a cat of my own at home and his name is jingles. I am 14 years old,I am in grade 9!! new to the school. I’m obsessed with anything to do with Ariana Grande! one of my favourtie things to do is play basketball. Id say I’m pretty good at it:)

One thing interesting about me is that i love photography. I love it because its really entertaining for me and its like a get away. I didn’t put photography in any of my electives because its more of a hobby not something i want to learn in school.

this image really inspires me because its like my whole theme of when I’m taking pictures. Pictures like these get me excited and interested since the theme is my favourite. This picture inspires me to keep going.

Merch – Ariana Grande | Shop

I am interested in this site because Ariana Grande is my favourite artist and maybe one day I maybe can get her merch. I’m also really interested in it because her merch is really pretty and I would totally wear it often.

A quote that is really important to me is “I do not belong to anyone but myself, and neither do you“-ARIANA GRANDE.

Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry Official Music Video

This video really inspires me because the song is about feeling upside down in a sort of way and not feeling yourself. So i think for me its an inspiration because not everyone is alone in everything and that it’s okay to feel like your heading somewhere else.

My favourite picture-

this is my favourite picture because It reminds me of 2018 and i really love that year. also its ariana grande and i love that


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