My Digital Footprint

Control of identity

When searching my name even within depth not much will come up but, you’ll see my volleyball account that I have to promote my enjoyment of the sport. You’ll also see the teams I’ve been in through an online book that gets made every year for provincials. Thats how my digital footprint shows control of my identity because I try my best to not put anything online that I wouldn’t want people I don’t know to see.

How my current digital footprint can affect my opportunities in the future

First off is my post-secondary applications. My current digital footprint affects my applications in a positive way because I don’t have any unwanted photos of myself online so the university won’t worry about having unwanted photos come up when someone searches the graduating students of a specific year. Secondly, how it affects my job applications. It has come to my attention that job interviewers search up people so they know they won’t have someone that could ruin their reputation be that they have photos of them partying or things such as smoking. I always make sure that photos of me are all appropriate.

Three strategies you could do to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe

  1. You should make sure that all photos of you are photos you would want online because even if it gets deleted it it’s not actually deleted and can be easily retrieved.
  2. Even though it doesn’t officially disappear from the net its still better to delete any inappropriate photos of yourself because those could get leaked by anyone who has access to that photo
  3. All in all just don’t do anything that could damage your digital footprint because these days everything can be recorded or snapped within a matter of seconds and it could potentially haunt you in the near future.

Information I learned and would like to pass onto other student

I learned that even though you think your digital footprint may be good, search yourself up from time to time because you never know what could’ve been posted online without your consent. Going on in the future just make sure that if you ever find yourself in a situation where something online of you is unwanted talk to the publisher of the post and request for it to be taken down and make sure you don’t post anything that could permanently damage your online image.


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