Safety and Sanitation

Of all the labs we have done I’ll be talking about The omelet lab. For my omelet I added potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. The cooking of my omelet went really well because I was patient enough and waited til my egg was fully cooked. I think my omelet tasted really good especially since eggs aren’t really my favourite food so that went really well. The biggest challenge for me was flipping the other side of the egg mix onto of the veggies. The safety and Sanitation concerns are the eggs, if you don’t clean your table after cracking an egg the bacteria in the egg could multiply and if someone was to make something on the table without a clean surface they could get salmonella which could give them severe sickness. If I were ever to tell anyone some safety and sanitation tips to anyone I’d tell them to always clean your hands, wash your veggies, make sure pot handles are to the inside of the stove and always watch your surroundings.


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