Cooking at home Option 1

Beef and Broccoli stir-fry While cooking the tangy scent of the sauces in the air hits your nose and makes you salivate. The sound of the meat hitting the wok satisfies your ears. When you take the first bite of the meat it melts in your mouth. The hint of ginger infused into the meat making it a certain type of spicy. The way the sauces glisten off the meat in the light is wonderful to the eye. Thats how I can describe this stirfry

Changes in the dish. If I ever attempt to make this dish again the only thing I’d change is adding a little bit of spice since I enjoy spicy foods.

Challenges I had to overcome First I had to overcome my fear of splashing oils, that was kind of easier to overcome because after a few splashes you get used to it. It still frightens me at times but it’s starting to be less of a problem for me. Another challenge was trying to pour the sauce in while mixing, I fixed that by switching the hand I was mixing with so I could pour in the sauce with my dominant hand.

What I’m most proud of I’m most proud of the overall taste. It ended up tasting exactly how I expected to taste so I was proud of that.

What I can improve on I think I could improve only mixing skills because I felt that some times I wasn’t able to mix a specific spot and the food in that certain spot of the wok was cooked more than others.

here’s the recipe. (:

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  1. That looks really good, I like spicy foods too. The spice just adds more favor the dish. I am so tempted to make this dish now.

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