Cooking at home option #2


My plans and how I changed it Originally I was planning on making chicken broth for my noodles with chicken from the freezer but I realized that my parents cooked some garlic chicken the day before and I still had that left over so I used it and adapted my plan and saved chicken for another meal in the future. I didn’t really have to change much about the recipe I just had to alter the Taste because of the garlic chicken. I also used some spinach that was boiled from my lunch to add some veggies into my meal.

Challenges and successes The challenges I had was coming up on how to create a new meal from leftovers since my family normally eats everything we have on the table so there wasn’t very much I had to add into my broth so, I was really glad that we had leftover chicken and spinach for me to use. Another challenge was the taste. I was really scared that the garlic from the chicken would affect my broth so I was very conflicted if I should’ve used it or not but, I’m glad that I did because it really added to the flavour of my broth. A success I had was that my family had really enjoyed the meal which meant a lot to me so I feel that’s one of my successes.

Where I could improve I feel like I could make a full meal out of leftovers so I’m planning on retrying this all over to see if I can succeed.


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