Final activity – What Makes Us Who We Are.

Broiled Pork Belly and Rice I really enjoy Broiled pork the tangy flavours of all the sauces and how the pork belly melts in your mouth. It was hard for me to make this dish because I have never cooked pork belly before so I was confused on how to know if it was cooked or not.

Steamed Egg. The steamed egg turned out better than I expected since when I had tried to make it before it didn’t come out silky smooth like I wanted it to. I feel like I could’ve added some sauces to make the egg taste less bland but, at least I know that for next time.

Chocolate cupcakes I really enjoy sweets so I chose to make chocolate cupcakes, my cupcakes were most and bittersweet which I absolutely loved. I had a bit of trouble with the ingredients because I couldn’t find vegetable oil so I had to use canola oil. It didn’t make any difference to the taste of my cupcakes so I was glad of that.


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