Innovation Station – The Bessemer Process


Finding the problems for my innovation was easy, I was able to find the problems by slowly going through every site I used and thinking of ways anything could affect my innovation and the solutions were easy to find after I actually knew the problems first handedly. I was able to work from a backwards design by setting my goals for how I wanted my project to end up looking and making sure I was able to understand how it works. I was able to figure out how I wanted my innovation to look in the future since I was given time to think about what I wanted to do my project on and the innovations I chose made it easier because I was able to achieve my goals of working on a project in a way I could also “help” the planet one day. I was really satisfied of the end result of my project because it reached all of the goals I had. I would refine my project in the future by having an actual proper visual drawn by me. I would also like to have a bit more information to put into my presentation. Other than that I feel that the project went really smoothly for me.