Buddha Bowl

This was my buddha bowl it tasted really good. I started to wash the brown rice with my hands then boil because it will take some time. Then I have cut the carrots and potatoes and made sure to season well. After I placed those to bake for 25-30 minutes. I moved on to cutting the rest of the veggies that I didn’t want to cook which are the broccoli, lettuce and avocado. Lastly I seasoned and baked the chicken for 14 minutes then broiling it for 3 minutes to make the outside have some crunch. I made the dressing with just greek yogurt and a bit of lemon juice and thinned it out with a bit of soy milk. My last step before eating was to place all of the ingredients in a bowl. I liked the way I presented the bowl but if I was to do it again I would put the dressing in a small bowl to the side to make it look more visually pleasing. Other than that the bowl tasted and smelled delicious with all the different flavors going well with each other.


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