About Me

Favorite quote

“happiness is a state of mind. it’s just according to the way you look at things.”-Walt Disney It is my favorite quote because I think that ever situation always has two sides and it’s your choice to either think positive or negative thoughts. This decides what you experience in life.

Favorite video

I chose this video as my favorite because i know that a lot of kids compare their selves to other kids. But the thing is that not everyone is the same and you don’t really know what is happening in their life. It may seem perfect to you except you aren’t living it so don’t try to become something that you aren’t, become your own person.

Meaningful photo

This is a meaningful photo to me because here I had the best times. This is my grandfather’s pound and where I had the best childhood, every morning this is what i would wake up to. His house was at the very end of the street so it was very peaceful and there I don’t have WiFi to distract me. My whole family in my mom’s side would all meet up there and have lots of food and laughs.

Favorite website

https://www.youtube.com/ This would be my favorite website because it can be used for different reasons. Like learning how to play an instrument or even just watching it for entertainment. You can listen to music to clear you mind to maybe reaching for a project. This website is very versatile.

Things that happened on my birthday

– The U.S. House of Representatives holds its first meeting. – Italy invades Albania.
-President Truman orders the seizure of U.S. steel mills to prevent a strike.
-Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians becomes first black manager of a major league baseball team


My friends said that they didn’t have the same add as me.

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