What’s around town Geography project


My Reflection

Review/Reflection Instructions:

  1. Was I able to identify how the geography impact the town / city with ease? How was I able to find how the physical geography impacted these areas?

Yes. Used google maps and the official website of the town I chose to help find what the terrain and land were like and how the physical landscape affected the area.

  1. How did the technology personally affect my learning? What were the pros and cons of using maphub.com? Be detailed in your response here.

Using technology helped a lot because I didn’t have it sit in a library and look at book (I most likely wouldn’t understand) for hours on end. I could use google and other sites to help find the information needed. The pros of maphub were that once i learned how to use it i was pretty easy and i could find locations easy.

  1. Were you satisfied with the result of your design and solutions?


How would you refine your assignment in the future?

I would actually get it on in time.


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