Positive Learner Identity

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I’m good in groups because I can always do my part of the project and I’m good at listening and helping people with their work. A good example of this was in Ms. Razzell’s socials 11 class me, Jack, and Stefano did a project and I made sure everyone was set up and ready to present.

Core Competency Reflection

Being a good listener and being good in groups is an important skill to have because it can build connections and it can bring out the best in people. Being good with a group of people can be very important in post secondary or a job.

Social Studies Reflection.

I’m the most proud of this work because it was everything I learned in 1 project. I enjoyed learning about different landmarks because I’ve been to all of them but I never learned about them. This assignment showcases my development in continuity and change competency because I covered the landmarks continuity and changes very well. This project taught me about the city and its landmarks. I could continue to finish projects before the deadline so I can be more organized. This project shows my communication competency. I communicated well by writing about the different landmarks and going into good detail.

Independent Novel Study Review

Apt Pupil

Apt Pupil | Book by Stephen King | Official Publisher Page | Simon &  Schuster

The Writing Process

Writing the novel study was easy for me because I enjoyed the book. Sometimes I had trouble finding the quote I was looking for. I overcame this by remembering the general time the quote was said and went back and read for it. I enjoyed talking about the story. I did not enjoy finding the quotes to support my statements.

Core Competency Reflection

  1. My strategy for collecting relevant information for specific tasks include searching the general time in the story the quote was said and rereading that section to find it.
  2. I compiled and synthesized information to draw reasonable conclusions when I summarized my novel review to do the presentation for the class. I didn’t just read my novel review to the class I summarized it to make it more interesting.
  3. I am willing to explore controversial issues such as the evil in people (which this book was about), in order to work toward change in myself and the world.
  4. My goal is to work with criteria to improve my work because sometimes I do what I think the instructions are and my work would be better if I focused on the criteria that is given. I will read the criteria before I begin to work.

The Importance of Feedback

My Logo

Reflection on Competencies and Content

It is important to use feedback to make changes and improve your product because you have to appeal to the customer. Listening to feedback will help make things better. People will not listen to feedback if it is not positive. That’s why we use the TAG format for feedback. We tell what we like, ask a question and give a suggestion. By telling what we like, the person is already in a good mood to listen when the suggestion comes.

Core Competency Reflection

  1. I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy. I take pride in my work and  myself.

      I choose this competency because I was proud of the logo and I was happy with Ms Caldwell’s comments.

2. I can form new ideas to create new things. I can also build on the ideas of others.

I choose this as my goal to work on. Sometimes I have trouble coming up with ideas. I will work on this by taking risks and trying new things.

Core Competency Self Assessment


Me and my partner distributed our tasks well. He did the research and I did the writing and it worked well. We did not disagree on anything we worked really well! It was helpful to the group dynamic because we got to work well and had a great time. We worked together like PB&J. We communicated well and we checked the work and decided that it was good to hand in.

February Reflection

1.    Areas of Strength:

I can self advocate.  I valued my ideas and accomplishments when I volunteered to do my Mixed Marketing Price presentation first.  I really liked my project and I wanted to show the class.

Areas of Growth:

I would like to work on managing stress.  I get stressed when there is homework to do.  I procrastinate and I avoid getting started.  Often, I realize that the work doesn’t take too long (after it is done).  I will try not to overthink about having the work to do and be calm about.  Maybe I will give myself one hour after dinner to rest and set a timer to start work after that.

Revolution Timeline


I was able to identify the problem with the first electromagnets easily. They were not very strong. The solution was to use insulated wire so more wire could be wrapped around the medal carrying more charge. I was able to build my project from a backwards design by researching and taking notes on my checklist. I was able to dream of the future where electromagnets will power rockets and make hover cars with similar technology to the maglev trains they now propel. I am satisfied with the results of my design and solutions. In the future, I would would have asked more questions when Mr Basso was there to help.