Poetry Anthology

I began this project by choosing the lyrics from a rap song that I enjoy.  The one of the song’s themes was about changes.  I made this the theme of my project and I began my search for five other poems that were about change.  I made a power point and choose pictures that represented each poem.  I like how the colors and pictures go together in my visual representation.  For next time, I would keep in mind the poetic devices when choosing the poems because it was hard to find them.  I learned that I am good at understanding poetry and music from this project.

Speech Unit Reflection

During this unit, I learned research skills that I can use again in the future. I practiced finding new information on the internet and putting it into my own words.

I used Citation Machine to create my works cited page. It was easy to use and it automatically formatted my citations for me.

I found websites most useful in researching my speech topic. In particular, Forbes magazine website had a lot of good information.

I could improve my research by moving beyond the internet. I could go to the library and consult the librarian for help. I could also organize better with a mind map.