Shakshuka With Feta

During this we were improving our knife skills by cutting the veggies. We have to watch out for the stove and knife. We chopped, sliced the veggies and sauted onion, peppers and garlic. We added tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper and simmered. We some dishes while its cooking and after 10-15 minutes we added eggs, feta cheese and transfer the cast iron pan into the oven. When it is cooked we took them out and garnished with cilantro and enjoyed with feta. Personally I don’t like peppers but it wasn’t that bad as I thought and it went very well with the feta. I’m not sure if I will make this again but I might change some ingredients.

Breakfast Sandwich

During this lab we were to design our own sandwich making poached eggs, and for mine I used spinach, tomato and bacon with hollandaise sauce. We started the lab by cooking the bacons and while bacon is cooking we made scones and put it in the oven. When the bacon and scone is cooking I prep the veggies, I sliced the tomato and chopped spinach. While waiting for the scone to come out of the oven I cleaned the area. When the scones came out, I put the egg in simmering pot, the shape of egg was very good and I boiled egg for little longer because I like hard-boiled. I cut the scones in half and put the veggies, egg and bacon on top. I could have sauted the spinach but I decided not too which I regret little bit. The sandwich was very tasty but also little bit salty but it was very still good. There was some dishes to do but we pre-rinsed as we cook so we saved some time. I would make this again later maybe not the scones but egg for sure. It is not hard to make and doesn’t take that long.


The lab went pretty well. The only thing I had to be careful were the oven. The method for scones is biscuit method or quick bread. My scones went very well, it was golden brown and it had flaky layers. I measured the ingredients and mixed well following the recipe. I think I over mixed a bit but it still went out pretty. After I put the scones in the oven I started dish washing there was not much dishes to do so only took about 5 minutes. While it was baking I was working on the scones recipe. When they are done, I took them out of the oven and let it cooled. The scone was very tasty and sweet and I would make them again sometime in the morning or lunch and serve it with something like smoothie.

Banana Muffins

The lab went very well. The method for banana muffins was flour mixture and muffin method and the product standard came out really well. It was golden brown and similar size and shape. I wandered around a bit but got focused by reading the recipe again. I prepared the dry ingredients and measure the ingredients very well following the recipe. After we combined the dry ingredients and wet ingredients together and pour them on a muffin tins and put them into the oven, We did the dishes. We were pre-rinsing them as we are cooking so the washing dishes didn’t take that long. We didn’t communicate very much but we did the job. I might make this again on my free time if I have all the ingredients and when I want something sweet.