September 27 2020

About Me…

My Biography:

Hello, my name is Sheila. I am in grade 9, and got into math 10 honours and the MACC program. I like watching sci-fi tv shows and movies. I can solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube in around a minute and thirty seconds, and have learned how to solve the 4×4. I am a highland dancer, and went to Scotland to dance for the Queen of England at Balmoral Castle. One of my favorite classes is science. I like it because I like look at stuff through a microscope. I am quiet, but can talk for a long time about something like the theoretical version of time travel.

Image Of Something I Like:

For the image of something that I like, I put together the logos of 4 sci-fi series. In this picture, there are the Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek logos.

A Site I Am Interested In:

This is the link for Soundcloud. It is a great site where you can listen to all of your favorite music – including remixes. I like to use it when I do school work, or even when I am bored.

An Amazing Quote:

“I do not need a sword. Because I am the Doctor… and this is my spoon.”

– The 12th Doctor

This is one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who. I think that it means that you don’t need anything powerful to win at something. In this case, the Doctor wins in a swordfight, with his spoon, against (technically a robotic version of) Robin Hood.

Video Of A Goal:

This video is of the guitar TABs of Pirates of The Caribbean – He’s a Pirate song. I am trying to memorize the entire song so I can play it easier without having to skip to the next page every few seconds. I have memorized up to 0:52/2:03.

Video I Like:

This is a clip from Now You See Me 2. In this scene, they are throwing a card with an important computer chip on it to each other. I think it is a very interesting part of the movie, and the camera shots are pretty cool.


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  • Doctor Who (2005) season 8, episode 3.

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