My Digital Footprint

when I had googled my name nothing had come up about me. So, then I decided to search for my name and the city I am from, I was pleasantly surprised by what came up. Only an old post about my soccer team from when I was little about us winning a remembrance day torment. Not even my Instagram came up. Then, I go into images and the pictures that came up were all old soccer photos. my existing digital footprint is all positive and very small. it does not showcase me, of the sports now and is placed in the past. When you look up my digital footprint you can tell I don’t have a lot of information on me but could tell I was successful when I did play soccer.

my old soccer team

one example of the “5 C s” is Cautious sharing of information. On my digital footprint, I am very safe and always protective of what I am posting. All my social media accounts are private. I never show anyone something that I know could affect the rest of my life. Like, getting into university or knowing that someone could look up my name before a job interview and know everything about me. If they do search my name up, I want them to only see good things. also, whatever you post online will be there forever and if you are posting things about your friends and family members that are inappropriate there online forever and you will probably lose a few friends. So, it is very important to think before you say something or post something, and to have all your accounts on social media private.

Three strategies that I use to keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe. first, I make sure that all my accounts online are private and only allow people I know to follow it. next, I make sure that my friends do not post any inappropriate or bad pictures of me that I don’t want on the internet. lastly, keep everything on a low profile. I was really happy when I did not find a lot of stuff about me online because I do not want other people on the internet knowing who I am.

I learned so much from this project and didn’t realize how dangerous the internet actually is and how easy it is for someone to see your whole life just from your name. Some advice I would give to other students is, protect yourself don’t go posting something because you see another person posted it. Also, don’t send inappropriate photos to some person you like because it will only haunt you in the future. Lastly, keep your social media accounts just to people you know don’t let a bunch of strangers follow you because you have no idea their age or what their intentions are.