Conics Project: Demos Self Portrait

For this project, we were required to make a self-portrait using the graph functions we had learned this year. We were allowed to trace our portrait using a photo of ourselves from our camera roll. I had chosen a photo of myself as a guide not realizing how difficult it would be to make my hair. My hair alone took me over 3 hours as I had to do every little section piece by piece. It was very time-consuming and the only way for me to get the look I wanted. I had to use liner, cubic, parabolas and cos x functions. However, once I got the look I was looking for I was relieved and happy to be done with it. I also added some extra details to my portrait such as a necklace as I was wearing one in the photo and thought I should include it. As well as doing every individual tooth as I am smiling and at first was only going to draw one parabola across and not show my teeth. When I started to do my teeth though it looked good so I did the whole thing. To get the exact colour of my eyes, skin, and shirt I used an eyedropper tool that gave me the colour and I just typed it in to the system for the part I needed it for. My eye outline was probably the easiest for me to draw as I have almond shaped eyes and I only needed to use two parabolas for each eye. I decided to only fill my lips, eyes and eyebrows in as I had originally planned to fill in my hair as well, but I did not want to loose out on the detail I had added to it. So I just left the outline. I also realized that once you had run out of lower case letters you could use capital letters for when you type in the colour or when filling in a facial feature. For my nose I used a hyperbola for the structure of the upper part of my noes and the two circles which I restricted to make semicircles and at the bottom a cos x function. The noes took some time to get right I do think the finial nose turned out great. It was difficult to place the nose in the right place as my face is not centred in the middle of the graph and so the nose had to be a little of centred. I also used more than what was needed for the required graphs like two hyperbolas, and five circles. I feel I have done a great job with making this portrait look similar to me and I think it was really cool to know that I could make a whole self portrait of myself using only graphs.