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My name is Taisho I love playing all types of sports, I run track outside of school, I play basketball on a club team and I love playing volley ball. Representing my school is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy reading and writing some of my favourite books include the Book Thief and Sooley. I love oh-henry chocolate bars and sour gummies, although different kinds of ethnic food delicious and much healthier than a bunch of oh-henrys and a bag of sour gummies. I love Australian Liquorice ice cream, if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it next time you go to get ice cream.

An image that motivates me.

This is an important photo that motivates me. This is Hansen Emanuel, he lost his arm at the age of six when a wall collapsed on him and he was stuck underneath for 2 hours! When he arrived at the hospital they told him they have to amputate his arm. He is a d1 commit, which means he is committed to a college or university on a full scholarship. his stats are far better than an elite basketball player.

A site that I find interesting.


home hardware is a fun website.

A quote that is important to me.

“The biggest mistake we make in life is thinking we have time”

-kobe bryant

I chose this quote because it has a very powerful meaning. If I were to die tomorrow, would I be satisfied with my life? I really do believe that the Kobe said that it came from the heart. Sometimes we don’t have enough time, whether it’s for an assignment, an important decision or maybe just life in general. Time is something that we take for granted all the time. I want to get so may things done before I become unable or inadequate, but I’m not sure if i’ll ever get to those things. My point is when you go to bed at night you should have no regrets, and think to yourself “am I disappointed with something I did today?” or maybe “do I regret not making the right decision?”. The answer should be no.

A video that inspires me.

In this video Usain Bolt breaks the world record and his own personal record. I love this video because if you watch carefully it tells you his personal best is 9.69 but when it really mattered he stepped up and ran a whole .10 seconds faster than his PB, out of nowhere. Usain forged the new record of 9.58 and its yet to be broken.


Youtube, home hardware, google.


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