About me

My name is Talan, I like games like Minecraft and counter strike global offensive. I have existed in this world for at least 14 years. I enjoy seafood as well as mixtures of tasteful foods such as tacos, sushi, quesadillas, and simple foods like pizza. I’m not the best at math but i currently enjoy the subject. I love to cook at home when I have a choice of what to do or when i have a choice of how to cook it.

Images of my dog “inspires” me because my dog is fun to play with and makes the day brighter after I get home from a long day of school. He also likes to cry when he wants things or when I’m not playing with him.

https://discord.com/ I like discord.com because I use it to talk to many of my friends online and offline. It is very useful if I need help with something or if I need something from someone.

Master Oogway – There are no accidents

I think it is a nice quote because if you do something it was done for a reason.

There Are No Accidents | Know Your Meme

I like this youtube video because I liked the movies and Master Oogyway’s quotes are actually nice despite some of the “memes” around them.


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