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How to choose the right computer for you.

Looking for a new laptop or computer, and don’t know what to look for in one? Here’s what you need to know. Cpu Your CPU is the brain behind your computer, so naturally this one needs to be a good one. However, it depends on what you intend to do with it. Cpu’s have...

How to use ScreenStyler

Tired of your boring old, default desktop interface? Using Rainmeter too much of a hassle? ScreenStyler is for you. What's ScreenStyler? ScreenStyler is a very simple desktop customizable tool that allows you to move away from Windows', and Mac's default interface....

Goodnotes tips 1

Here are some tips that may be useful when using Goodnotes! Change colour of drawing/handwriting lasso tool -> tap -> colour -> pick colour Resize writing/drawing lasso tool -> tap -> resize -> move accordingly  Search for writing/text search button -> type word...

Setting up your Display

Your laptop or pc screen, comes all good to go on default. However there are a few things you can customize to your liking. Set Refresh Rate/Resolution(external monitors) External monitors can be advertised as 144hz and 4k, but they won't actually run at said...

About Tech Leadership

Tech Leadership is designed to develop and showcase student leadership skills with technology at Centennial. Tech Leaders are passionate about technology and supporting staff and students with our 1:1 initiative and assisting with any technology-related activities, projects, or issues within classrooms and the greater school community. Tech Leaders use a variety of skills, such as technological, time-management, interpersonal, teamwork, communication, and critical and creative thinking. Tech Leadership students have been involved in many school projects and events, such as creating videos and guides, working on department blogs, conducting live streams for awards and presentations, and creating Centennial’s Course Planning website.

This website is managed by the Tech Leaders regularly to provide virtual tech tips and support to Centennial. Please use the menu bar above to find what you are looking for.

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