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How to Use Procreate

This painting and sketching app provides the ability to the artists to create their artwork easily by using more than 130 Procreate brushes. They can also edit, delete as well as share their work by using the Apple Pencil flawlessly. This app is so responsive is such a way that it can allow you to feel like you are making the art on paper.

Here is a short PDF guide on using the different brushes:


Using Apple Pencil

Discover adaptable Brushes that respond to the pressure and tilt of the Apple Pencil.


Just draw.

You don’t need to connect your Apple Pencil to Procreate. As soon as you’ve paired it with your iPad, open Procreate and start drawing right away.

Procreate’s optimized brushes work natively with Apple Pencil pressure and tilt. While you can customize a wide range of brush responses to the Apple Pencil to a huge degree, you can also use them as-is.


The Apple Pencil registers minuscule changes in pressure and tilt.

This feedback affects how Procreate brushes respond. For example, you can tie brush size to Apple Pencil pressure, so when you press down harder you get a thicker stroke. Or you can tie brush tilt to opacity. So you get a solid line when you hold your brush upright, but that line gradually fades out as you tilt your pencil.

Procreate brushes and Apple Pencil can combine to create completely unique effects. With hundreds of customizable settings all at your control.

Explore Brush Studio Settings to discover all the ways Apple Pencil and Procreate brushes can interact.

Double-Tap Shortcut

Double-tap the side of your 2nd Gen. Apple Pencil to switch tools or invoke your favorite feature.

This customizable shortcut puts your favorite function at your fingertips. Change the default shortcut in the Apple Pencil section of iOS Settings. Or, select a customizable option in Procreate’s Gesture Controls.

In Procreate Gesture Controls, the available shortcuts are:

  • Toggle Drawing Assist
  • Invoke Eyedropper
  • Trigger QuickShape
  • Invoke QuickMenu
  • Toggle Full Screen
  • Clear Layer
  • Invoke Copy Paste menu

To deactivate this feature, tap Off in iOS Settings.

Edit Pressure Curve

Adjust your Apple Pencil pressure response to suit the way you draw.

The Apple Pencil has a huge dynamic range. This means you have to press it down very hard to reach 100% pressure or opacity. If you draw with a lighter touch may find you can’t enjoy the Pencil’s full range of sensitivity using default settings.

Use Procreate’s customizable Pressure Curve to adjust the feel of your Pencil or stylus. This will help you get the most out of your Apple Pencil.

Learn about Apple Pencil’s Pressure Curve.

Scribble Integration

Procreate has integrated Scribble to use with Apple Pencil.

iPadOS 14 introduces the ability to use Scribble with Apple Pencil, which is fully integrated into Procreate.

Now you can use your Apple Pencil to write in any text or numerical field where you can enter information. This includes naming Layers, entering percentages and numbers in Brush Studio or entering type in Add Text.

Any gesture available in Scribble applies in Procreate. This includes circling to select, scribbling out to delete, etc.

To use Scribble you will need iPadOS 14 or higher and use Apple Pencil.

Food Photography 101

Hi everyone! Here is a quick, interesting tutorial on taking pictures of your food professionally.

Studying at Your Own Pace

Hello, here are some useful tips on effective study sessions!

Widgetsmith: Create Custom Home Screen Widgets on iPhone

Using Widgetsmith app to create easy home screen widgets. Just follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Widgetsmith app and from the Widgets tab, tap on Add Small, Medium or Large Widget option.
Widgetsmith app
  1. Once the widget has been added, tap on the widget you just created and then tap on Default Widget preview area.
  2. From the next screen, select the widget style and edit details like Font, Tint Color and Background color.
Widgetsmith app
  1. Once you are done editing, tap on the back button and hit ‘Save’. Before hitting save you can also set the timer for the widget.
  2. Now that widget has been created return to the home screen and access the Widgets screen located on left most page of the home screen.
  3. Enter Edit Home Screen mode and tap on ‘+’ button from top left corner. From the Search widgets page scroll down and tap on Widgetsmith option.
  4. Choose the size of the widget. It should be the same as the widget you created inside the Widgetsmith app and tap on the Add Widget button.
  5. Once the widget has been added to the widget screen and you are in the Edit Home screen mode, tap on the widget.
  6. From the popup menu tap on Widget and choose the exact widget that you had created in the Widgetsmith app.
Widgetsmith app
  1. Finally move the widget to your desired location on the home screen by dragging it.

How to Keep Centennial Safe: Health & Safety Guidelines

Keeping yourself and our community healthy and safe is crucial, especially during this pandemic. For more info, here is an infographic created from Canva. For more information regarding this program, search in our tech blog, Canva for a tutorial.

How to use Word Art

Just a short tutorial.

Benefits of Meditation


  • Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices.
  • You can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments.  
  • Dropbox offers a free plan that includes 2 GB of storage. You can pay to increase that to as much as 3 TB with a subscription.

How to save stuff in Dropbox

Saving stuff to your Dropbox has never been easier. Learn how to save and access your stuff across multiple devices.

What is Blinkist?

This is an app which offers a library of book summaries. The team picks up the most popular book from different categories (like psychology, health, or business) and distills them into short Blinks – 15-minute written or audio summaries (actually the length varies from 10 to 10 minutes).

Recently, the company added podcast insights to its premium subscription.

How many books are on Blinkist? 

There are over 4,500 books in the Blinkist library and about 40 new ones are added per month.

Who writes the blinks for Blinkist?

The summaries are written by real writers.

How do I download books on Blinkist?

To download a book, go to the library tab. Then, press on the ‘download audio’ icon.

How does Blinkist work?

Their team takes bestseller lists, user suggestions and uses other sources to figure out which books to summarize. Then, writers distill it into short pieces which are proofread after.

How to use Blinkist app?

After you sign up and download the app, you get access to Blinkist database. To find the summary you want to read, you can browse by category, check new or the most popular titiles.

After you choose the book, you can read it or listen to it directly via the app, or send it to your eBook.

Blinkist Book List

blinkist book list

All the book on Blinkist is united under 27 categories. Those are:

  • Politics
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Money & Investments
  • Personal Development
  • Career & Success
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Management & Leadership
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Mindfulness & Happiness
  • Communication Skills
  • Corporate Culture
  • Society & Culture
  • Technology & the Future
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Nature & Environment
  • Biography & Memoir

Also, you can find the most popular books list.

Here are some examples:

  • Lives of the Stoics (2020) by Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hansel
  • Hood Feminism (2020) by Mikki Kendall
  • Doesn’t Hurt to Ask (2020) by Trey Gowdy
  • The Art of Stopping Time (2017) by Pedram Shojai

As you see, many of them were recently released. Additionally, you can check out top book lists by categories.

How much does Blinkist cost?

The monthly pricing is $14.99/month, but if you buy the annual plan, you’ll get 50% off (which means $7.49/month or $89.99/year). 

There is also a 7-day free trial.

Being the Best Mentor

GoodNotes Tips & Tricks — 5 Smart Ways To Use Drag & Drop On The iPad

Hello Centennial! Here are more tips to effectively use GoodNotes!

Drag & drop has been outstanding so far. Just tap and hold on the document that you want to share and start dragging it to another app as soon as it lifts. You can also hold onto a document while you flick up your finger to reveal the dock and easily switch to GoodNotes. Release your finger and the document will be right in your library — ready for annotation & markup. That is only one way how you can use drag & drop with GoodNotes.

Here are a few more things that are now possible:

  1.  Drag your handwritten notes to Onenote, Notes, Keynote etc.
  1. Share annotated photos and sketches via mail
  1. prepare graphics for your Keynote and PowerPoint presentations
  1. Drag a phone number from your notes to contacts and convert it to text
  1. Open links from your notes in the right app

For more tips and tricks on this cool feature go to

this link: Goodnotes Tips and Tricks — Million Dollar Habit

How to use Discord

Here is a short guide on using Discord!

COVID-19: Symptoms & Prevention

MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts

You can press key combinations to do things on your MacBook that you’d normally do with a trackpad, mouse, or other device. Here’s a list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

Command-XCut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard.
Command-CCopy the selected item to the Clipboard.
Command-VPaste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app.
Command-ZUndo the previous command. Press Command-Shift-Z to redo.
Command-ASelect all items.
Command-FOpen a Find window, or find items in a document.
Command-GFind the next occurrence of the item you’re searching for. Press Command-Shift-G to find the previous occurrence.
Command-HHide the windows of the front app. Press Command-Option-H to view the front app but hide all other apps.
Command-MMinimize the front window to the Dock. Press Command-Option-M to minimize all windows of the front app.
Command-NOpen a new document or window.
Command-OOpen the selected item, or open a dialog to select a file to open.
Command-PPrint the current document.
Command-SSave the current document.
Command-WClose the front window. Press Command-Option-W to close all windows of the app.
Command-QQuit the current app.
Command-Option-EscChoose an app to Force Quit.
Command-TabSwitch to the next most recently used app among your open apps.
Command-Shift-5Open the Screenshot utility. You can also take screenshots using the following shortcuts:Press Command-Shift-3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen.Press Command-Shift-4 to take a screenshot of a selected area of the screen.

Online Security Tips

Protect yourself when you’re online!

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