I’ve been noticing lots of people wondering how to change their profile picture into something better than just auto-generated initials. So I’m here to provide a very simple tutorial on how.


Step 1 – You can’t change your profile without heading into the main Microsoft Office Home Site. So do that first of course. https://www.office.com

Step 2 – Alright now that you are in you will see an icon with your initials on the top right corner. Click that. Now you are seeing a Small Menu under it, right? With the options saying “My Office Account”, “My Account”, “Sign Out”. Well. Ignore that! Just click on the Huge Profile icon to the left of them.

Step 3 – Welcome to the final step. Wasn’t that hard, At least I hope it wasn’t that hard! Now you should be seeing a Window in the middle of your screen. That’s the Icon editor. All you have to do is press on the Blue text that says “+ Upload a New Photo”. Then it will take you to your file page. Now I’m assuming you know where you saved the image you want. But in case you didn’t, It’s probably somewhere in the Pictures Section. Once you select it all you have to do after is press Apply! If it doesn’t show up. And instead shows an Error sign! Don’t worry. I’ve made a troubleshooting section. Just remember it takes 24-48 Hours for the Photo to show across all Microsoft Platforms.

~Trouble Shooting~
So while selecting the Photo you may come off a little confused. If it doesn’t work and instead says. “Couldn’t Save” or such. That can be for many reasons. Maybe it’s the device you are using. Or maybe it’s just the size of the Photo. If that’s the case. Try saving it as a smaller file save. Keeping the Dimensions actually smaller than bigger. If they are smaller. Better chances it will work. Sometimes it could also be because of your wifi connection. In that case,all you can do is wait. And try again later.