Beginning a New Project

Open the Splice app. The first screen you’ll see is the projects page. To begin a new video project, hit the plus button, and name the project. From there you’ll have some settings to choose from for the project: HD or SD, border options, orientation, and a default transition selection. Hit the “done” button when you have selected your desired options.

Starting the Video Project

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On the next screen, you’ll choose what you want to be the very first part of your video. You can create a title screen by hitting the “title” button, or choose to begin with a video or photo. On the title screen, you can type in text, change its location and change the zoom on the text. You can also select how long you want the title screen to show in the video by adjusting the “duration” slider. Once you’ve created the title and hit done, you’ll see the title you have created, along with “plus” buttons on either side and button with a pencil in the middle. The plus buttons allow you to add content before or after the title or selected video. The pencil button lets you edit the title.

Adding Videos or Photos

Hit the plus button to the right of the title, and select the video/photo button to add photos and videos. The “albums” screen will come up. Any videos you have on your phone will be in the “camera roll” section. Select the videos in the order you want them to appear in your video, then hit “done.” The app will ask if you want to use the default transition you selected at the beginning between the videos. After you choose, the videos will begin to upload into the project.