Your laptop or pc screen, comes all good to go on default. However there are a few things you can customize to your liking.

Set Refresh Rate/Resolution(external monitors)

External monitors can be advertised as 144hz and 4k, but they won’t actually run at said settings. You’ve got to change that.

Head in to Settings>System>Display. Under “Scale and Layout”, you can change your displays resolution.

To change the refresh rate, go under “Multiple Displays”. select advanced display settings.

Here you can select your specific display and set the proper refresh rate.

Saturation/RGB/Advanced settings.

More settings can be found in your graphics card’s control panel

Depending on if you run intel graphics, nvidia graphics, or amd graphics, this process will look different. However the main process is similar, if not exactly the same. I have an nvidia card, so I will be showing the process through Nvidia.

Right click any empty space on your desktop, and click “Nvidia Control Panel.”

For amd users, the software will be named “AMD Radeon Settings.”
For intel users, it’s “Intel Graphics Settings.”

Once Nvidia Control Panel has opened, on the left hand task bar you can see a dozen different tabs for you to navigate through for your display. The most important one here, is “Adjust Desktop Color settings”. Here, you can entirely change the way your display represents colours.

For Intel and AMD users the process is fairly similar. If you are still having trouble navigating through your system, or the software, click the following links.

Video on Intel Display settings.

AMD Radeon Settings Support page