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Author: Lily - Jihyeung

Goodnotes tips 1

Here are some tips that may be useful when using Goodnotes!

Change colour of drawing/handwriting

lasso tool -> tap -> colour -> pick colour

Resize writing/drawing

lasso tool -> tap -> resize -> move accordingly 

Search for writing/text

search button -> type word

Perfect shapes

draw a shape -> hold until thicker lines form -> move according to size

Change handwriting to text

lasso tool -> tap -> press convert -> copy and paste to where you want

How to save and reuse elements on Goodnotes

Instead of copy and paste, there is a new and efficient way to reuse elements; elements such as stickers, diagrams, text, calligraphy, and more. You can use them across all notebooks in Goodnotes and it is fairly simple.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Create the element you want to save.

2. Select the element using the lasso tool and click ‘add element’.

3. Add to a collection or create a new one.

4. Click on the sticker icon to access the element.

Here is a short video on how this works.

How to trace images on Goodnotes

  1. Find an image that you want to trace.

2. Get a side-by-side view of the image with Goodnotes.

3. Drag the image from the source to Goodnotes.

4. Resize the image if needed.

5. Trace the image using your computer pen.

6. Delete the image.

Prezi Introduction

Click the link below to access the presentation on Prezi! You can press the space bar on your desktop or use the arrow buttons below the presentation to switch slides.

This presentation is just about what Prezi is, how to sign-up, and log-in to Prezi. There will be a follow up presentation on how to create, edit and share presentations on Prezi, and I will link it down below once it is uploaded.

How to respond to a class discussion board

This video covers 7 tips and 2 scenarios you can use to make your responses better and appropriate for school!

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