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How to Use Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a free tool that allows you to customize your desktop using different “skins” or themes. You can change the color and font, and add widgets for weather, time, music etc.


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A quick glipse of what it looks like

How to use Word Art

Just a short tutorial.

Resources – Math



  • Scans equations and answers them
  • Provides step by step instructions on how to solve the question 
  • Does not solve word problems

Math and Science Tutor

  • Math and Science 
  • Provides thousands of video lessons on both math and science.  
  • Features includes: marked favourite, search all lessons, view featured courses, view recently released courses, and share videos 
  • Courses range from: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry and PreCalculus, calculus 1, 2, & 3, chemistry, etc… 


Math Warehouse

Image taken from Math Warehouse
  • Blog with articles that help with math 
  • Has interactive math activities and gifs

Link: Here


  • Graphing calculator
  • Perfect for visualizing complicated graphs 

Link: Here

Centennial Math Department

Centennial Math Department front page
  • Website on Edublog  
  • Organized by unit and grade 
  • Has informative videos and notes

Link: Here


The front page of Slader
  • Is an app and has a website
  • Has resources for multiple subjects
  • Searches up school textbooks and provides you with answers that includes explanations
  • Choose between browsing textbooks, searching, or scanning the barcode of your textbook 


Khan Academy

Khan Academy pre-k – 8th grade section
  • Videos and Website 
  • Explanations and examples on certain subjects 
  • Sorted by grade and specific areas
  • ex. Geometry, Trigonmetry, Algebra . . .
  • May help with Math, Science, English, and Economics

The Organic Chemistry Tutor

The Organic Chemistry Tutor’s YouTube channel
  • Math + Science
  • Videos with examples of math and science problems 

Link: Here

Microsoft Teams Calendar

How to Add a Calendar to Microsoft Teams

How to Add Events to the Calendar

Tutorial – Works Cited Page


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