Edublog is a platform that allows you to create, design and publish your own website. You will be using Edublog throughout your years of education at Centennial, not only for Core Competencies but also other classes as well. 

  • Can add videos and images
  • Many different formats and themes
  • Can add widgets and plugins (ex. Divi Builder)
  • Mobile-firendly
  • Navigating through WordPress web design, development and maintenance can be challenging
  • Does not auto-save work

How to set up edublog for grade 9s. 

Additional Edublog Tutorials

EduBlog- Posting Steps


Tech Tutorial- Hyperlink (Edublogs)

This is a PDF guide on how to link articles, websites, images to a text on an Edublog post. Hyperlink TutorialDownload


This video shows you how to comment on Edublog. By : Lea-Mae Peligrino

Video Tutorials

Logging in Tutorial on how to login into Edublog. Tutorial Made by : Sona Han and Lea-Mae Peligrino Posting Watch this video if you are having troubles posting, hopefully it helps. Tutorial Made by : Sona Han and Lea-Mae Peligrino Embedding This video shows how to...

Embedding a PowerPoint Presentation into EduBlogs


Posting on Edublog

Posting EdublogDownload This is a video tutorial on how to post on Edublog by Sona and Lea-Mae!!

General Posting Guidelines

General posting on Edublogs instructions Download

Centennial Edublog Support Guide

Please click on the file below for a guide to using Centennial Edublogs. In this document, you will find information regarding how to customize your blog, post on your blog, search posts, visit blogs, and much more. Centennial Edublogs Support GuideDownload...