Meet the Tech Team

Tech Team

The Centennial Tech Team consists of Tech Leaders (Grades 10-12) who support staff and students with technological issues, technological programs, and technology-involving lessons, or anything tech, really.

If you need any tech assistance, please find the Tech Leaders in their blue Tech Team shirts either at the Tech CENTre located in the library or around the school offering support.


This Year's Team

The Tech Team 2023/2024 consists of Alan, Catherine, Chanyu, Edward, Elliot, Faizaan, Gabriel, Justin, Katie, Keira, Lukas, Maani, Madelin, Mahnur, Malcolm, Matthew, Riley, Sofiya, and Yuhan. 

Please check out the Tag #techleadership to find program tutorials made by the Tech Leaders or use the Tech Resources tab in the menu bar.

To learn more about the Tech Leaders and their specialties, please check our their bios below!


Past Team Members

The Tech Team 2022/2023 consisted of Aaron, Laura, Asher, Daniel, Kevin, Seitaro, Sofiya, Jack, Katie, Cole, Riley, Faizaan, Kavindu, Justin, Keira, Judy, Peter, Filip, Leia, Kelly, Lily, and Tiensa. The Tech Team 2021/2022 consisted of Delia, Leia, Judy, Sandy, Justin, Kelly, Aniket, Joseph, Lily, Filip, Heeye, Kiera, and Tiensa. The Tech Team 2020/2021 consisted of Delia, Ellen, Gahee, Judy, Kelly, Lea-Mae, Lily, Parsa, Savanna, Sona, Suzy, Tiensa, and Zach. The Tech Team 2019/2020 consisted of Angela, Zach, Sona, Lincoln, Mason, Cassandra, Athan, Emily, Delia, Savanna, Lea-Mae, Katrina, and Muhammad. Thank you to the previous groups for their contributions to the Tech Leadership blog!



Hello, my name is Alan, I am currently in grade 10. I can support Edublog, Microsoft 365, Picture editing, etc. I like skiing, mountaineering and programming. Feel free the contact me if you need any help! 



I’m Catherine and I am in year 12. I am proficient in using the program Adobe After Effects (I’ve been using AE since 2019). I can also help with any Edublogs, social media and practically any Microsoft applications. I like to read or cook in my free time. I consider myself a good chef as I tend to blow people away with my meals. Currently my favourite book series is The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir. I hope I can help every Centaur this year!  



Hi, my name is Chanyu and I’m in grade 12. I am able to help with Edublogs, Office 365, Prezi and Canva. I like playing games, swimming and reading. I’m looking forward to being a Tech Leader this year! 



Hi, my name is Edward, and I am in grade 11. I can help around with areas like Edublog and computer hardware problems. Check out my blog at ! I am also the tech manager for our theater so I can help around with lights and sound tech up at our school sound booth. I’m also interested in learning more about software. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!  



My name is Elliott. I am in grade 10. My experience with technology includes websites and apps such as Teams/Office apps, and the Edublog website. I also have a lot of experience with tools like Canva, and some basic things in putting together videos through free apps on computers. I have done some work in Blendr and Adobe Animate as well. I enjoy exercising, reading and playing video games. My favorite animal is the octopus, but my favorite pet is a Labrador Retriever. 



Hello! My name is Faizaan. I am currently in grade 11. I have expertise in Windows Programs such as Microsoft Office/Teams, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Creative Cloud and Edublog.  I can also help with Hardware related issues on a Windows PC.



Hey hey, Centaurs! My name is Gabriel. I am in grade 11. This will be my first year with Tech Leadership but not my first year working with general tech issues. Here is a quote I think all of you will appreciate.  

“If thy projector isn’t working, thou shall try the off switch. If not the issue check if it is overheating, you will. Or most commonly you have a busted HDMI cable.” 



My name is Justin, and I am currently in grade 12 (2023). My area of expertise in technology is now mainly located on the software side, but I do know my way around computers!  You can find me spending time in the Tech Center during my free block; if you need help let me know. I am always glad to lend a helping hand!      



Hi! I’m Katie and I’m in grade 11. I can support with office 365, Google programs and Edublogs. Some of my interests include listening to music and reading. I am looking forward to helping with tech this year :))



Hi, my name is Keira and I’m currently in grade 12. I have been in Tech Leadership for 3 years now! I can support you with anything graphic/design related! I can help with Office suite, Edublog, and Canva. I also can help with video editing in iMovie, and photo editing in Lightroom. I’m involved in the musical theatre’s sound tech crew and have designed several programs, run multiple Cent Instagram accounts (@centvox, @cent.equity), and run Move4Mana’s technology group! I’m also interested in PC building and built my own two years ago, so I can also help with computer-related questions!  Feel free to contact me by email whenever you need assistance, I’d love to help! ^_^ 



My name is Lukas Hilton, and I am in grade twelve. I’m a musician and illustrator. I have experience in several programs including, but not limited to, Ableton Live, Krita, Hitfilm and After Effects. I also have some experience in coding and the theatre sound system. I’ve spent quite some time troubleshooting issues and messing with settings on my own computer, which has led to my learning of various ways to solve issues.



Hey, I’m Maani. I’m currently in grade 10. I can help with Microsoft Office programs like Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I can also help with Edublogs. I enjoy baking and reading. My favourite book is “The Handmaid’s tale” by Margaret Atwood.



Hi, I’m Madi! I am in grade 11 and have lots of experience using Office 365 applications and edublogs. I love playing instruments and listening to music, reading, and playing basketball. I’m looking forward to my first year in the tech team!



Hey! I’m Mahnur and I am currently in grade 10. If you need any support with PowerPoint, Canva, or anything else related to Office then I am happy to help! My hobbies include drawing and painting so if you need any artistic advice for your PowerPoint or Canva then I’ll also be happy to jump in and help. 😊



Hey, my name is Malcolm, and I’m in grade 11. My areas of expertise are mainly in software like Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS, IOS, Office365, Edublogs, and other software the school uses. But I can also help with physical hardware problems, issues, and questions (Yes, I have built computers before). Outside of school, I am a competitive solo drummer, I do wildlife and landscape photography, and I enjoy biking and kayaking. 



Hello, my name is Matthew. I am a Grade 12 student. I play the Trumpet in Concert and Jazz band. I can help you with putting slides on the TV screens across Centennial, streaming football games, or any other general problem you have with technology.  I am working to make Centennial run as smoothly as possible this year with tech!



My name is Riley; I am currently in grade 12. I am well-versed in diagnosing software issues and can also help with some hardware complications or any general problems pertaining to computers. I have a decent amount of familiarity with Python, while currently learning C# and C++. I have a passion for learning and in my spare time I enjoy completing logic puzzles, programming, video games, and reading fantasy/sci-fi novels. If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact me (as long as you tried restarting the computer first).



Hi, I’m Sofiya. I am in grade 11. I like the colour green and enjoy crocheting octopi. When it comes to technology, I know plenty about Microsoft products, Edublog, and Canva. I also have some experience with AutoCAD and Fusion360.  



Hi, my name is Yuhan and I am currently in grade 11. I can provide some questions about the Microsoft Teams and Edublogs. I can also edit images. I enjoy listening to music and skating. If you need help, you can contact me.