Meet the Tech Team

Tech Team

The Centennial Tech Team consists of Tech Leaders (Grades 10-12) who support staff and students with technological issues, technological programs, and technology-involving lessons, or anything tech, really.

If you need any tech assistance, please find the Tech Leaders in their blue Tech Team shirts either at the Tech CENTre located in the library or around the school offering support.


This Year's Team

The Tech Team 2022/2023 consists of Aaron, Laura, Asher, Daniel, Kevin, Seitaro, Sofiya, Jack, Katie, Cole, Riley, Faizaan, Kavindu, Justin, Keira, Judy, Peter, Filip, Leia, Kelly, Lily, and Tiensa. 

Please check out the Tag #techleadership to find program tutorials made by the Tech Leaders or use the Tech Resources tab in the menu bar.

To learn more about the Tech Leaders and their specialties, please check our their bios below!


Past Team Members

The Tech Team 2021/2022 consisted of Delia, Leia, Judy, Sandy, Justin, Kelly, Aniket, Joseph, Lily, Filip, Heeye, Kiera, and Tiensa. The Tech Team 2020/2021 consisted of Delia, Ellen, Gahee, Judy, Kelly, Lea-Mae, Lily, Parsa, Savanna, Sona, Suzy, Tiensa, and Zach. The Tech Team 2019/2020 consisted of Angela, Zach, Sona, Lincoln, Mason, Cassandra, Athan, Emily, Delia, Savanna, Lea-Mae, Katrina, and Muhammad. Thank you to the previous groups for their contributions to the Tech Leadership blog!



Hi, my name is Keira and I’m currently in grade 11! I can support you with Office suite, Edublog, and Canva. I also can help with video editing in iMovie, and photo editing in lightroom. I’m also involved in the musical theatre’s tech crew and do audio/sound and designed the program last year! I also built myself a PC last year, so I can also help with computer-related questions! Feel free to contact me by email whenever you need assistance, I’d love to help out ^_^ 



My name is Filip, I am currently in grade 12. My area of expertise is in coding/programming, I have experience in Python and a small amount in C++ and Java. Away from tech, I enjoy practicing balisong tricks and learning foreign languages. My favorite song is Recently by Liana Flores and my favorite animals are owls. I look forward to helping with any of your tech issues this year!




Hi, I’m Kelly! Currently in Grade 12, I can help with programming issues (Python, JavaScript, web development), designing posters/graphics (Canva, Photoshop), and Edublogs. When I’m not staring at my laptop all day, you can find me drinking water, attempting to learn a magic trick, or picking up yet another hobby. Find me at the Tech CENTre or send me an email if you need help, I’d love to be of assistance! 



Hello my name is Daniel and I’m in grade 10. Some areas I can help with are Microsoft teams, office 365, canva, Edublogs and a bit of mobile video editing. If you need help in any of these areas please feel free to email me. Thank you! 



Hi. I’m Leia and I am currently in grade 12. I have expertise in Premiere Pro and Edublog. I’m aiming to go into computer science. Pleased to work with you! 🙂 



Hi! My name is Judy and I am in grade 12 this year. I have expertise in Edublogs, office 365, and iMovie. I look forward to helping all of you.



My name is Lily and I’m currently in grade 12. My favourite colour is green and I like to read and play tennis. I can help with Edublog, Office 365, Google apps, Canva, Prezi, Goodnotes and iPad issues. Feel free the contact me if you need any help! 



Hi, my name is Peter and I’m currently in grade 12.  I have experience with Python, front-end web design, using Microsoft Office, and screaming at my laptop.  My hobbies include playing Tetris, performing music, and fencing.  I look forward to helping Centennial this year.



Hello! I’m Tiensa, a grade 12 student. I can help with anything related to Microsoft use, Google programs, Edublogs, design applications, video/photo editing, film, and photography. My interests include travel, baking, and reading. My favorite manga is One Piece. Let me know if you need any help! 



My name is Justin, and I am currently in grade 11 (2022). My area of expertise in technology is now mainly located on the software side, but I do know my way around computers! You can find me spending time in the Tech Center during my free block, if you need help let me know I am always glad to lend a helping hand!  



My name is Sofiya and I’m in grade 10. I am able to help with Office365, and Edublogs. I don’t know what I don’t know, but I’m happy to find answers. I enjoy editing, reading, researching, and writing stories. 



Hello! My name is Katie and I’m in grade 10. I have lot’s of experience with Office 365, Edublog, and Teams. I have two cats, and my favourite colour is green. I’m excited to be a Tech Leader this year! 



My name is Aaron and I’m currently in Grade 10. I like to watch movies and go kayaking. I can provide support for Edublog, Microsoft 365, etc. I also have some experience in video editing. Feel free to contact me about any tech related questions. 



Hello! My name is Faizaan. I am currently in grade 10. I have expertise in Windows Programs such as Microsoft Office/Teams, Windows Movie Maker. I can also help with Edublog as well as hardware in a PC.