My Digital Footprint

Question 2 – Google yourself, are you surprised by anything?

When I google Vanessa Woodley next to nothing comes up. None of my social media pages show up, or pictures of myself. The only thing that I found was an old softball roster from a few years back. It was on Coquitlam Minor Softball Association, all that was on there was mine and my other teamates names, and our team name. I was not surprised by anything that I found because I know how to use the internet safely.

Question 2 – Reflect on your digital footprint

I don’t really have a digital footprint so there is not much to say. Since the only thing that comes up is a softball roster from when I was 10, I guess people would think of me as athletic or a team player. This could be good for future job opportunities where I have to work with others as a team setting. My footprint can also help when I apply for anything in life, including post-secondary options because they wont find anything bad, basically nothing at all.

Question 3 part 2 – The five C’s

For this aspect of the project, I picked the third C, cautious sharing of information. I pick this topic because my digital footprint is exactly that, you can tell that I am cautious because nothing comes up. All my social media is private, and the bio and profile pictures aren’t showing any of my personal information, or inappropriate photos of myself. I also don’t post on social media often, maybe twice or three times a year, so that is being cautious of sharing information, even though my social media doesnt come up when you search me

Part 4 – Infographic


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