June 2020 archive

Cooking at home 7

Today I decided to make lasagna. I first fried up the hamburger in a pan while I boiled the noodles. I then added a tomato sauce to the cooked hamburger. After the noodles were drained I placed it in a baking dish and started to layer. I put noodles, hamburger, mozzarella, and cottage cheese in each layer. I made 3 layers and then at the top I put more mozzarella. I then put it in the oven and waited for it to be ready.

If I were to make this dish again I would try ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese.

A challenge that I had was that I had to work with the noodles while they were still hot, so I had to be sure not to burn myself

My greatest success was when I cut a piece once it was ready, it all stayed together.

I am most proud that my whole family was impressed that my cooking skills have improved, mainly because of this course.

Cooking at home 6

Today I decided to make homemade pizzas! I started by making the dough with pizza yeast, it was very quick and easy; it didn’t need to rise at all. I then rolled it out, grated cheese, and got out my sauce. After I assembled it I put it in the oven for around 20 minuets and it was done. If I were to make this dish again I would try to make a stuffed crust. A challenge I had was that the dough was really sticky, so I added more flour. My greatest success was the dough. I am most proud that it tasted really good.

Cooking at home 5

I made cinnamon buns for this cooking at home. First I made the homemade dough following a recipe I found online. I then kneaded it then let it rise for an hour and a half. After that I rolled it out and brushed it with butter, then I put a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture on top, rolled it up and cut it into about inch thick pieces. I then let those rise for half an hour, and then I put them in the oven for 20. While it was in the oven, I made up the icing. After the cinnamon buns cooled I drizzled the cream cheese icing on top.

If I were to make this dish again I wouldn’t do a cream cheese icing. My family liked it, but I did not.

A challenge I had while making this dish was rolling up the dough, I had to make sure it was tight and straight; it took a few tries.

My greatest success was how fluffy they were.

I am most proud of the taste; my mom said it reminded her of Cinnabon.