English 11 Poetry Reflection

My Poem: Ode to The Candle

This is a poem that I wrote about my favourite inanimate object, a candle.

Curricular Competencies Reflection

For my third poetry cluster, I decided to write about my favourite inanimate object, a candle. The main purpose I had in mind while writing this poem was to encapsulate the overall feeling that a candle gives me. I wanted to describe how a candle looks, including the shapes and sounds that it creates. My main intended audience was my teacher, as this poem was part of an assignment. When writing this poem, I kept in mind the criteria as that is what my teacher is going to be looking for. Although I intended for the targeted audience to be my teacher, this poem is personal to myself. Candles are everywhere around my room, they provide comfort for me. I can light them while doing homework, reading, or listening to music. There is always an appropriate time to light a candle. I find candles make me more productive, they are an object I use to find comfort. While planning out this poem, I knew I wanted to include a lot of different poetic devices to make it interesting and engaging. I developed a body of words that tell the story of a candle, from its initial lighting to the candle being put out. I tried to include words that are not entirely boring, and comparisons that are not bleak for the reader to read. I included a variety of figurative devices, as well as a variety of auditory devices. I used similes, personifications, oxymorons, metaphors, and hyperbole within my poem. I also used alliteration, consonance, and onomatopoeia within this poem. While trying to encapsulate the imagery of a candle, I used three senses: smell, sight, and sounds. I described how my favorite candle has hints of woodland within it. I described how a candle looks through the lights and shadows it casts, as well as the smoke it lets off. I demonstrated sounds through the whizzing of the wind that puts out a candle, and the sound of woodland that may arise after being transported there through the smell of a candle. In choosing a candle to be the subject for my third poetry cluster, I encapsulated the overall feeling that a candle gives me, as well as the overall look.

Creative Thinking Core Competency Reflection

Within my third poetry cluster, I was given the choice to write about a vegetable, fruit, or an inanimate object. I decided to choose the inanimate object, as I found that would be easier for me to write a poem about that topic. I chose the candle because I always have candles in my room, it is easy to say it is my favourite object. Candles are versatile, you can describe so many senses when looking at a candle. I wanted to be passionate about my given topic, writing about something you actually enjoy will make a better poem. I developed my original ideas by lighting a candle on my windowsill and observing it. In looking at a candle while writing a poem, it was easy to visualize and describe using poetic devices. This was also a strategy to stimulate my imagination. In having a candle right in front of me, I could touch it, smell it, view it, and listen to the sounds it gave off. In doing this, it really advanced and flowed my imagination to write a poem. The innovation within my poem is it tells the story of a candle. It shows the initial lighting, all the way up to the candle being put out. In doing this, I described all the senses using figurative devices. For my next poem, I could improve by giving myself more time to write it. I wrote this the night it was due, which is generally not the best of ideas. For my next poem, I will make sure to give myself ample to complete it. In giving myself more time, the quality of the poem will inevitably be better.