Core Competency Goal Setting

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One strategy or activity that stimulates my imagination is… Music helps to stimulate my imagination. One of my goals is to become more creative, whether that be within school work and projects, or my own personal life. To accomplish this goal, music is a great way to stimulate my imagination and creativity. Listening to different songs while completing schoolwork not only helps me focus, but I find that I get better and more creative work done as well. Anytime I have to make a PowerPoint, a poster, or any creative-based project, I will put on music so that it can stimulate my imagination and assist me in achieving my goal of being more creative.

How have you improved this year in… My grades have improved significantly this year. One of my goals is to get a 90% or higher in all of my classes this year. This year in 2022, I had almost accomplished this goal but fell short in one class. Although I didn’t accomplish this goal, my grades improved significantly from ninth grade to eleventh grade. To accomplish the goal of 90% or high in all of my classes, I will complete my homework every day, study, and maintain good attendance.

When I need to boost my mood or refocus I… Whenever I study or do homework for long periods of time, I often need to boost my mood or refocus. There are multiple ways that I do this, but the main one would probably be hanging out with my cat. My third goal is to maintain a positive mood while doing schoolwork, as that will produce better results. To accomplish this goal, when I feel frustrated or anxious about an assignment, I’ll take a break, reset, and hang out with my cat in order to boost my mood.