Carnival Table, Flyer, and Paragraph Reflection

My carnival flyer

Within this assignment, I demonstrated multiple different core competencies. The core competency of creative thinking is something I practiced while working on this poster. We were given the opportunity to have complete creative freedom within this project. I found myself trying to think outside of the box and think creatively while I was formatting and designing this poster. I tried to add colours and photos that I thought represented my faux carnival. Throughout working on this assignment, I demonstrated personal awareness and responsibility. I was absent from class when we were assigned this project. I was responsible and caught up by myself. I figured out what I had to do, and I did it in an efficient and timely matter. In doing this, I practiced personal responsibility. The last core competency that I demonstrated was critical and reflective thinking. I had to analyze the package we received, and interpret it into a table. I used critical thinking skills to create the table. I also used reflective thinking when writing the paragraph. I had to reflect on which app I thought was the best fit for making the poster. Overall, my demonstration of creative thinking, personal awareness/responsibility, and critical/reflective thinking were evident within this project.

My Carnival Table


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