Cooking at home 7

Today I decided to make lasagna. I first fried up the hamburger in a pan while I boiled the noodles. I then added a tomato sauce to the cooked hamburger. After the noodles were drained I placed it in a baking dish and started to layer. I put noodles, hamburger, mozzarella, and cottage cheese in each layer. I made 3 layers and then at the top I put more mozzarella. I then put it in the oven and waited for it to be ready.

If I were to make this dish again I would try ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese.

A challenge that I had was that I had to work with the noodles while they were still hot, so I had to be sure not to burn myself

My greatest success was when I cut a piece once it was ready, it all stayed together.

I am most proud that my whole family was impressed that my cooking skills have improved, mainly because of this course.

Cooking at home 6

Today I decided to make homemade pizzas! I started by making the dough with pizza yeast, it was very quick and easy; it didn’t need to rise at all. I then rolled it out, grated cheese, and got out my sauce. After I assembled it I put it in the oven for around 20 minuets and it was done. If I were to make this dish again I would try to make a stuffed crust. A challenge I had was that the dough was really sticky, so I added more flour. My greatest success was the dough. I am most proud that it tasted really good.

Cooking at home 5

I made cinnamon buns for this cooking at home. First I made the homemade dough following a recipe I found online. I then kneaded it then let it rise for an hour and a half. After that I rolled it out and brushed it with butter, then I put a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture on top, rolled it up and cut it into about inch thick pieces. I then let those rise for half an hour, and then I put them in the oven for 20. While it was in the oven, I made up the icing. After the cinnamon buns cooled I drizzled the cream cheese icing on top.

If I were to make this dish again I wouldn’t do a cream cheese icing. My family liked it, but I did not.

A challenge I had while making this dish was rolling up the dough, I had to make sure it was tight and straight; it took a few tries.

My greatest success was how fluffy they were.

I am most proud of the taste; my mom said it reminded her of Cinnabon.

Cooking at home #4

I was really craving mac n cheese, so I decided to make some. I’ve never made baked mac n cheese by myself so I decided to do it. I started off by boiling a pot of water and putting the macaroni in the pot. While that was cooking I made a cheese sauce with milk, flour, and cheddar cheese. I put that in a pot and put it on the stove. I then took our a casserole dish and put a bit of shredded cheese on the bottom. My macaroni was done cooking so I strained it then put it back in the pot; I then poured the cheese sauce in and mixed it all up, to evenly coat it. I would usually just eat it like that. I then put all my macaroni into the casserole dish and then sprinkled more cheese on top. After that i put it in the oven at 375.

If I were to make this dish again, I’d make more cheese sauce to make it creamier.

I guess a challenge that I had when making this was when I was boiling the water it splashed on me a few times and kinda hurt.

My greatest success was that my family enjoyed it a lot.

I am most proud of my family enjoying it.

Cooking At Home 3 Using What You Have

For my third dish for cooking at home, I decided to try to make homemade bread. I was really excited when I opened my pantry and saw yeast, because I’ve always wanted to make homemade bread. I looked up a recipe that was by the same brand as the yeast, and began. I mixed together all my ingredients and started to knead the dough for 10 minuets. I let that sit for 10 minuets whilst being covered. After the 10 minuets were up I cut the dough in half and with one half I put it into the bread pan, and with the other I decided to braid it because I saw it online and it looked kind of cool I guess. I covered both of those and let it sit for 1 hour and 30 minuets. After waiting a long time it was finally time to put the bread in the oven! 30 minuets later it was done.

If I were to make this dish again, I would make two bread loafs and not one braided one, the reason being is that the bread one was more fluffy, and I could make more things with it.

A challenge I had while making this dish was the kneading. It hurt my wrists a bit, much like the doughnuts. I overcame this by taking a little break.

My greatest success was how soft and fluffy the loaf was.

I am most proud of how it tastes; compared to store bought bread, it is incomparable because the homemade bread tastes so much better.

Cooking At Home 2 Using What You Have

For my second dish that I cooked during the quarantine, I decided to make a spinach dip that was in the cook book my grandma gave to our family. I altered the recipe a little bit because I wanted to make a cold dip, instead of a baked one. I started by putting my bacon on a pan and leaving that to cook, whilst it was cooking I started mixing together my base of cream cheese, sour cream, and mayo; I also started cutting up everything I was adding into the dip into small pieces. Once the bacon was all cooked I then added all the ingredients into my base and began to mix. I put the dip in the fridge over night. The next day I cut up sourdough bread and got my family to try it.

If I were to make this dish again I wouldn’t change anything because my family has been making it for years and its good the way it is.

I didn’t really have any challenges while I was making it because its a very simple dish. I guess the only thing that I could think of is I had to take a break while cutting the onions because my eyes were burning.

My greatest success was the flavor, since I let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours the flavors really came out more.

I am most proud that I did this very quickly. I have made this many times, but this time it took me around 15 minuets to do everything.

Cooking At Home – Week One Using What You Have

Four the first week of this unit, I made glazed doughnuts and cinnamon sugar mini doughnuts. They were delicious! I started off by activating the yeast in warm water, similar to what we did with the bagel recipe. I then mixed all of our ingredients together and kneaded the dough for 10 mins, my wrists were very sore. I left it to sit for a while and then went on to rolling the dough out until it was half an inch thick. After that, I took 2 different size cookie cutters and cut the dough as if it was a cookie. I use the cut out middle pieces in the big doughnuts to make mini ones. I let those sit, then I cooked them in oil, made the glaze, and dipped the doughnuts in.

If I were to make this dish again, I would change the glaze. I didn’t enjoy it that much, even though it was all icing sugar, I didn’t find it that sweet. The cinnamon sugar ones were really good though.

A challenge I had whilst making these doughnuts were kneading them for that long by myself. I overcame this challenge by taking a 1 min break at the 5 minuet mark.

My greatest success in baking these were the shape. I thought that when I would cook them their perfect shape would morph, but I was wrong. They stayed their shape perfectly.

I am most proud of baking for my family, I rarely get to because of all the extracurricular activities I do outside and inside of school, and because my parents and brother both work a lot. So baking for them is something I’ve really never done before. They all enjoyed the doughnuts.

My Doughnuts
Image preview
cooking the doughnuts
Before they were cooked
The dough after it rose.
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Picture with me and the food


my pancakes

This was by far our best lab in my opinion. We did this fast, efficient, and we all worked together well. I was the ingredient person so I went up and measured all the ingredients out; when I came back to our station, my partner had already started mixing the dry ingredients. Within about 7 minuets we had already started cooking the pancakes with our entire group. A success was how quickly we did it, we had 25 minuets left once we finished cleaning up. I can’t really think of a challenge for this lab because everyone and everything were very successful, but I guess it would be how the pans were a bit too hot for our first batch, so we adjusted and turned them down for the rest.

It is extremely important to have good communication with your group members; if you don’t communicate how can you get anything done to a high standard? You need to communicate for timing, because if one person hasn’t even started mixing yet and the other person could be ready to eat. If one of your group members doesn’t know how to do anything within the lab, it could be a safety hazard if they don’t communicate that with others because they might not know that you don’t cook pancakes on 10. You could solve these problems by simply asking your group members if everyone is okay with what they are doing, and are aware of how to do it. Good communication looks like everyone in the group explaining what they are doing, and coordinating what they are doing with others in the group.

Kitchen Tools/Appliances

This lab went really well for our group. We communicated very well and made it so all of our eggs and veggies went on at the same time as our partners. A strength for this lab was that some people in our group didn’t know how to cook an omelette, so we worked together and showed them how to. A challenge was probably the cast iron pan because no one is used to cooking on it, so it was more hot than we thought.

The most important appliance in the kitchen is a stove/oven. It is used for so many things and in my household it is the most used appliance. I picked this because there are thousands of things that can be cooked on a stove/oven, and it is way more healthy to heat or cook something on a stove instead of a microwave. We haven’t explored baking an entre in the oven yet, like baked spaghetti. Some interesting facts about ovens are: The first ovens were boxes put on top of fires and the Greeks made the first bread ovens. We used the burners on the stove to cook our omelettes on, and cook our veggies on. The link to the interesting facts

Image result for 6 burner oven pretty
a cool oven

My Most Memorable Food Experience

Ending up in a hospital from making food isn’t exactly π’Άπ’Ήπ‘’π“†π“Šπ’Άπ“‰π‘’, but it is memorable. In the eighth grade two of my friends and I decided we wanted to make crepes for dinner, so we went online and looked up a recipe, but then we saw something called a “crepe cake.” We decided we wanted to attempt to make it, so we got out the ingredients, turned on the stove, and started to bake. It didn’t take us that long to mix all the ingredients together, so we started to pour the batter into the pan. We got frustrated because we found it hard to make them thin enough to be crepes. We made enough for it to be a crepe cake, then with the rest of the batter we added a whole bunch of random spices and made about 5 more crepes. I accidentally ate those crepes and they tasted so bad. We went to bed and in the morning I couldn’t see that well, so I looked in the mirror and my entire face was puffed up! I told my friends mom and she took me to the hospital. Ended up I was allergic to one of the spices and I got some meds. My face was puffed up for the rest of the week. After that day, I never had crepes again.

These were the crepes we made.