Anatomy & Physiology 12 Core Competency Self-Assessment

My piggy
My dissected piggy 🙁

Communication Core Competency:

Throughout our fetal pig dissection, my experience of collaboration showcased the communication core competency. A partner was required in order to dissect the pig, therefore, the entire experience included collaboration in each step. Going into this week-long dissection, my partner and I felt it was fitting to assign roles and responsibilities to each person. In doing this, we maintained an efficient and organized work area, as we knew what the tasks we had to complete once walking into the lab each day. The fetal pig dissection was by far our hardest lab within anatomy and physiology twelve, so we had to come up with strategies to navigate our project goals and any misunderstandings. The time constraint was our largest issue, so we strategized by setting up goals we needed to complete before leaving class. An example of this being taking an entire class to memorize each organ/accessory organ before we left. My partner and I were very vocal within this lab, we used communication to further our understanding, and to ensure we made as little mistakes as possible. We would constantly ask each other questions about where to cut, which organs are which, and what cleaning procedures to take. In doing this and utilizing communication to our advantage, we shared our knowledge and ideas to each other which allowed us to succeed in this lab.

Thinking Core Competency:

Within the dissection of our fetal pig, my experience of critical thinking represented the thinking core competency. We found this lab challenging, meaning we faced a few problems within the dissection. We persevered through any issues we faced, and used critical thinking to solve these problems. An example being the verbal test we were required to take; our pig was not in the greatest shape, it was difficult to differiante organs within the digestive tract. In order to overcome this and perform well on our verbal test, we used a different group’s pig to practice on and take the test with. Using our critical thinking skills, we were able to analyze evidence to make decisions while studying for the oral test. We were given a sheet which contained all of the organs we needed to learn, as well as a diagram. We analyzed this sheet and applied it to our actual pig, where we made decisions on which organ was which. When we were cutting our pig open, we found it difficult to cut through the skin, as we wanted to make sure we didn’t cut anything within the digestive tract. We asked our classmates for advice, to which they gave us feedback on how to make the cuts more precise. We took this feedback and we improved on all of our other cuts.

Personal/Social Core Competency:

Throughout our fetal pig dissection, my experience of personal awareness and responsibility showcased the personal/social core competency. I managed and supported my wellbeing during this lab by ensuring I was prepared and organized each day. In coming to class in the right mindset, with the necessary sheets and equipment, I set myself up for success and demonstrated responsibility. I made sure to come to class on time and prepared during this time-crucial lab; this supported and managed my overall wellbeing. If I was not organized, I would’ve become stressed to complete everything. A strategy I used to support my personal awareness and responsibility was coming in during cent time, flex time, and lunch when it was needed. In doing this, I set myself up for success and took ownership of my own learning. Another strategy I used was asking classmates and my partner for help when needed, this ensured I was completing each task correctly, therefore showcasing my personal responsibility.

My Parabola: 𝑦= −2(𝑥+1)² −7

y=x² {standard parabola}
y=-2(x+1)² -7 {my parabola}

The Signifigance of A:

The signifigance of A in a parabola determines if the parabola is facing up, or facing down. It also determines how wide, or how narrow the parabola will be. In my parabola, the A value is -2, meaning the parabola is facing down, and is realtively narrow. When the value of A is a large positive number, it becomes narrow, and when the value of A is a very small positice number, (fraction), it becomes wide. When the value of A is negative, it opens downwards. Compared to the standard parabola y=x², my parabola y=-2(x+1)²-7, has flipped upside down, and has become slightly more narrow, due the the A value being -2.

The Signifigance of H:

The signifigance of H in a parabola represents a horizantal shift, meaning how far right, or how far left the parabola has shifted. The value of H in my parabola is -1, meaning -1 is the horizantal (x) coordinate of the vertex. Since H is the X coordinate of the vertex, it is also the axis of symmetry. Compared to the standard parabola y=x², my parabola y=-2(x+1)²-7, has the axis of symmetry x=-1, whereas the axis of symmetry for the standard parabola is x=0. This means that my parabola has shifted 1 to the left compared to the standard parabola.

The Signifigance of K:

The signifance of K in a parabola represents a vertical shift, meaning how far up, or how far down the parabola has shifted. In my parabola, the value of K is -7, meaning the entire parabola has shifted down 7 squares. The value of K also represnts the Y coordinate of the vertex. My vertex is (-1,-7) whereas the standard parabola’s vertex is (0,0). K also represents the mininum/maxinum value, in my vertex -7 is the maxinum value, whereas in the standard parabola’s vertex, it has a mininum value of 0.

Give an example from this assignment where you represented the same mathematical idea in three different ways:

I represented the same mathematical idea in three different ways within this assignment. I showcased my parabola in a graph form using Desmos, which is a great visual representation of this assignemnt. Another way I showcased my parabola was simply by stating my equation, y=-2(x+1)²-7. In stating my equation, I was able to dissect different elements of the equation that lead to the third way I represented my parabola. In explaining the signifgance of A,H, and K, I was able to represent my parabola was by using mathematical vocabulary and breaking down each part of the equation.

Give an example from this assignment where you used mathematical vocabulary to demonstrate your understanding:

I used mathematical vocabulary to demonstrate my understanding when I was explaing the signifgance of A, H, and K. I used terms that we have learned so far in this unit like, parabola, vertex, axis of symmetry, as well as a few others. In using these mathermatical terms, I further showcased that I have a good understanding of chapter 3.

Give an example from this assignment where you used formatting to share the information in a clear and organized way:

I used formatting to share the information in a clear and organzied way by taking my time with this Edublog. I made sure that both of my graphs were clear and easy to read by making them large and at the top of the page. I changed the background of both graphs to a black colour, as I found the white colour was harder to see. I added headings above each question to make it organzied and clear what I was discussing. I added colour to these headings to make them stand out. Before posting this, I made sure that I previewed it to ensure my layout was organized. In using my organizational skills, I formated this assignment in such a way where all the information was clear and concise.

Core Competency Self-Assessment


A screenshot from our three- minuet-long-infomercial about Herpes Simplex Virus One
A close up of the model of Herpes
Simplex Virus One that we used within
our virus infomercial

Throughout our two-week-long virus unit in Biology 11, we learned a variety of different things that all relate to viruses. Some examples are the structure of viruses, how they spread, the immune system, and immunity toward viruses. Everything that we learned can be best represented with our final virus project about herpes simplex virus one. My group consisted of three people, we all collectively worked together and agreed that an infomercial would be the best choice to demonstrate our knowledge.

When working on a group project where the criteria are solely talking and informing an audience, the core competency of communication is key to success. Initially, starting this project, we all knew that we had to keep everything organized, so we gave everyone designated responsibilities and roles to follow through on. I played the role of the director and organizer of this project, one group member played the role of researcher, and another group member played the role of the artist. My main role in this project was to direct, edit, organize, and come up with a layout for this three-minute-long infomercial. I represented communication skills doing this by communicating with my group members about new ideas or paths that I wanted this video to take. Anytime anyone had a new idea, all of us listened thoroughly and gave feedback. By doing this, we never once had a disagreement, as we all worked together to bring all of our ideas into one. I made sure that everyone was happy with the layout and editing of the infomercial by showing each group member and listening to their suggestions or feedback to make it better. One suggestion a group member gave me was to add light music to the background of the infomercial. After I added the music, the video felt complete and more professional. Overall, I wouldn’t really change much about this project as my group members and I had great teamwork and communication skills.