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My Favorite Quote

“If you see the trees you are about to hit, you have under-steered. If you hear the trees then you have over-steered”

-Walter Rorhl

Why did I choose this quote? I chose it because i like rally racing and cars. This quote shows what rally drivers go through every time they start a stage and I think it’s pretty inspirational and cool. They risk their lives to be the best at something they love doing, That’s why I chose this quote.

My Favorite YouTube Clip

It’s in the title. It’s short and sweet, easy to understand, and humorous.

A Picture that impacted me

Why did this picture impact me? Well, i was scrolling through instagram and saw this photo of a Scion FR-S with amazing modifications, and i was amazed at the work put in to the car. It strengthened my passion for cars and motivated me to work hard and buy a car and modify to my liking. I even set it as my profile picture to show people that i like cars. I don’t know who took the picture but the owners name on the internet is staycrushing

My Favorite Website

My Favorite website is
https://www.youtube.com/ Why? Because it’s where I get most of my entertainment from and it’s also one of the first websites I ever visited.

The History Of My Birthday

1841 – King Edward VII is born 1900 – Russia completes it’s occupation of Manchuria 1906 – President Theodore Roosevelt leaves Washington, D.C., for a 17-day trip to Panama and Puerto Rico, becoming the first president to make an official visit outside of the United States. 1967 – NASA launches Apollo 4 into orbit with the first successful test of a Saturn V rocket. 1983 – Alfred Heineken, beer brewer from Amsterdam, is kidnapped and held for ransom for more than $10 million.
1994 – The chemical element Darmstadtium, a radioactive synthetic element, discovered by scientists in Darmstadt, Germany. Saw an ad for a Jeep Compass.

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