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Gale is a world leader in e-research and educational publications. They are known for offering curated content based on a library’s needs. For Centennial, this means access to eBooks as well as Gale in Context for Sciences, Global Issues and Canadian content.



KnowBC is the Encyclopedia of British Columbia, online. The encyclopedia was first published in 1999 and contains over 4,000 articles and 1,000 pictures about the province of B.C.


Owl Purdue

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) from Purdue University provides up to date citation information as well as writing resources and instructional material.

Pro tip: MLA in the most commonly used citation style, but double check with your teacher before finding a style to follow.



Goodreads is the world’s largest site for book recommendations. As they have a huge database of books, it makes it easy to find reviews, annotations and series information.



EBSCO is the #1 provider of research databases, e-journals and magazine subscriptions. They help millions of people connect to quality information quickly.

Pro tip: EbscoHost offers information that is accurate, copyrighted and current – making it a great resource for research papers. You’ll want to get a handle on using the site as you will most likely be using it in post secondary education.