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I have been a teacher for 24+ years and have worked as a middle school, high school and university educator. I teach English Studies predominantly. The newest course I’ve been enjoying teaching is Spoken Language 11. We do formal cross examination debating as part of that course and my students all love exploring topics of their choice and designing persuasive arguments in an effort to convince the judges and the audience that their arguments are the most valid. In addition to English 9, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 11 and English Studies 12, I have also taught grade 8 Language Arts, Social Studies, PHE, Art and French. I’ve taught Family Studies 11 and 12 and CLE 10 as well. For 3 years I taught student teachers at SFU and supported many of them in becoming teachers. There is even 1 former student of mine teaching at this school this year!

My main areas of focus for learning right now are in the areas of technology and its uses in education. I’m excited to teach this course as it is leading me to explore new forms of technology and grow my knowledge.

As a teacher, my goals are to support everyone to feel included, to have empathy for others and to feel successful. IF I’m missing the mark, please let me know!

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As an English teacher and life-long reader, this is my current favourite web-site: Goodreads | Meet your next favorite book. There are many great lists you can access based on your interests.

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