Safety and Sanitation

Omelet Lab

This was the omelet lab. This was a successful lab. Some successes were chopping good proportions of vegetables and making sure the egg was properly cooked. One challenge I faced was my pan wasn’t hot enough and it took a long time for the bottom of the omelet to cook. I was using the cast-iron skillet so it took longer to heat up. I fixed this by turning the heat up a little bit. Safety and sanitation was really important for this lab. For the safety part my group and I were working in front of a hot stove with heavy pans. We had to make sure that we each took turns around the stove and that the pan handles where not in the way of the isle. For sanitation because we were cooking with eggs, we had to make sure that there was no residue on our hands or on the cooking table. We also had to make sure that they were cooked through properly so we wouldn’t get sick. To make sure everything was safe and clean, I washed my hands every time I touched raw egg, and I made sure my pot handle was facing away from the isle.

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