What makes us who we are assignment

For this assignment, I decided to make my main dish a burger, the side dish fries, and the desert was chocolate chip cookies. I planned my meal to be flavourful, moist, sweet, and to smell yummy. My meal turned out the way I wanted to. It wasn’t dry, just sweet enough, and had lots of flavour. The qualities all turned out the same just as I imagined. I believe I showed strength with cutting the veggies for the burger and cooking the meat well. The meat wasn’t dry and it was cooked just right. This meal reflects who I am because I chose the right things. I chose a burger as the main meal because I am complicated and there are lots of parts to my personality. I chose fries as the side dish because they are simple and they remind me of being shy for some reason. I chose the chocolate chip cookies as the desert because they are sweet which reminds me of being kind.

Cooking at Home: Banana Bread

I decided to make banana bread. It turned out better than I thought that it would. It was moist and not dry, sweet but not too sweet, and had a sweet smell. If I were to make this dish again, I would add more chocolate chips because chocolate is good. A challenge that I had while making the banana bread was adding the right amount of chocolate chips and walnuts. My greatest success was that the banana bread was soft and moist instead of dry. I am most proud of having it turn out the way I wanted it to.

Cooking at Home

I made a traditional Romanian dish called Mamaliga cu Branza. We have it quite a bit. It tastes better than it looks. It is a quick meal to eat but it also tastes good. We often have it on Sundays. Both my parents had it when they were growing up in Romania. We want to keep preparing Romanian foods and we don’t want to forget all the things my family went through back in Romania. My family has always been preparing this dish, so I don’t know when the tradition started. The best part of this tradition is that my family gathers together to have a meal that we all enjoy eating. A challenge that I had when making this dish was having to constantly stir the cornmeal in the water so that it didn’t become clumpy. The greatest success was having it taste the same as when my mom or grandma makes it. I am proud that I made it smooth just the way my family likes it.

Cinnamon Rolls

I decided to make cinnamon rolls. They were sweet but not too sweet, they were moist and they had a slightly sweet smell. If I were to make this dish again, I would take them out of the oven quicker. A problem that I had was that I rolled them from the wrong side. I fixed this by just unrolling it and wiping all of the butter off of the sides. My greatest success with this dish is that my whole family likes them. I am most proud of how they looked. I thought that they looked pretty good for the first time making cinnamon rolls.

Buddha Bowl

While making this dish, my greatest success was looking through my house and seeing what I already had that I could use for the Buddha bowl. I used the sauce and the vegetables that I already had at home. A challenge that I had was probably making sure everything was as neat as possible. I over came this challenge by taking as much time as I needed. I feel like I tried my best and made it as organized as I could. There were many flavours and it looks pretty colourful and neat.

Cooking at Home: Banana Bread Muffins

I decided to make banana bread muffins for this home lab. They were soft, tasted sweet, and had a nice smell. I used the same recipe that we used in class. If I were to make these muffins again, I would add chocolate chips next time. A problem that I had was that the recipe didn’t make enough for my family to all have a few, so I doubled the recipe. My greatest success with this dish was that the muffins weren’t dry. I am most proud at the fact that I didn’t need help, and I didn’t feel worried at all while making them.

Cooking at Home:Crepes

I chose to make crepes. They were sweet, buttery, soft and had a sweet smell. I would make these again but for next time I would add less Nutella in the center because they were too sweet for most of my family and I would also add something on top of the whipped cream but I didn’t have anything to add on top. A problem that I had while making them was that the butter wasn’t at room temperature when I mixed it with the rest of the ingredients so the batter turned out clumpy. To fix this problem I put the bowl on top of the stove and heated it a bit to melt the butter and then I went ahead and mixed it all together. My greatest success when making this dish was that I added butter which gave the crepes a better taste. The thing I am most proud about is that they cooked just right.

Cooking at Home:Scones

I decided to make scones. They were soft, buttery and had a slightly sweet smell. They cooked to a golden brown colour. I would make this dish again and something I would change for next time is to make them less thin. I flattened them too much before putting them in the oven. A problem that I had was that the scones took a long to cook. I just kept putting them back into the oven to fully cook them. My greatest success was the taste. My family seemed to like them. I am most proud at the fact that I made them without anyone’s help.

Cooking at Home

I made vanilla cupcakes for this lab. I used a recipe that I had all the ingredients for. The cupcakes were soft and not dry. The smell was sweet but not overpowering. They tasted good but I would add more vanilla next time for more flavour. A I problem was not having enough batter for everyone to have cupcakes. To fix this, I doubled the recipe. The greatest success with these cupcakes was the icing because my family seemed to enjoy it.

Safety and Sanitation

For Safety and Sanitation I chose the eggs. This lab went well, we all worked together and tried our best. All the eggs in the group cooked well. A challenge was having everyone cook their egg at the same time, because it is a small space. But it turned out better than we thought. The safety and sanitation concerns for this lab are that we needed to cut they bread with a rather large knife, and we had to make sure that the eggs were cooked so that we weren’t eating raw egg. Having are hands clean is extremely important. To make sure that we were being safe while cutting the bread, we tucked our fingers in to make sure we were being safe while using the knife. We then washed our dishes well to make sure that they were clean for the next group using the appliances. It is important to be clean and while cooking so that no one gets sick or injured. We want to have a good time cooking with no one getting hurt.