Inductive/Deductive Reasoning in Popular Games

I played the ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Minesweeper’ games, and it was fun! I surprisingly caught myself playing them over the weekend and I never thought a game that I played in math would be so much fun and entertaining.  

In Mastermind, your goal at the end of the game is to get the correct pattern comprising of 4 distinct colors. Each time you enter 4 colors into the row and proceed to check it, the indicator will tell you how many right colors you have, how many you do not, and whether they are in the right place or not. The indicator really helped me figure out which colors are right/wrong. This game is based on inductive reasoning.  

In Minesweeper, your goal is to complete the game without clicking on a bomb. Well, how do I do this? Every time you click on a square, you can either click on a bomb and die, or click on a safe square that tells you how many bombs are around that square. A trick Mr. Sun showed us was that around the safe square, there are 8 squares that run around it, from there you can easily figure out which square(s) not to click on. This game is based on deductive reasoning.