Eggs & Scones

This lab we made eggs and scones. It was an egg cookery and biscuit method. We had a choice between six different types of eggs: boiled, fried, sunny side up, scrambled, baked and poached. I chose to make a fried egg because I already know how to make a few of the other ones. I was very proud of myself because in the past when I have tried to make this type of egg I always broke the yolk, but this time I cooked it perfectly. The scones were a great grain to go with the egg because they had a good crunch and weren’t very difficult to create.

I gave myself 5 stars for this lab because I executed everything perfectly and worked well with my team. The scone had a good consistency/ crunch too it, and it had all the flakey layers as my product standard had said. My egg was a soft egg and had a runny yolk as I had wanted it.
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