A Phở Love Story by Loan Le

Bao and Linh’s parents have owned competing Phở restaurants across from each other as far back as either of them can remember. Both had been told to stay away from each other from a young age, and they had, until one night when Linh finds herself in an overwhelming situation and Bao steps in to help. After that encounter, they start working on a project for the school newspaper together. With Linh’s gift for creating works of art and Bao’s blossoming skills in writing, they make for a stellar team. Whilst spending time together, they end up cooking up their own special relationship in the process, despite their parents wishes.

I’m not normally a romance novel person, but this book will leave you hungry for more – which is why I’m so excited to hear that Loan Le is currently working on her second novel, Solving for the Unknown, which includes some of the same characters from A Phở Love Story. My only regret while reading this novel is that a didn’t go for Phở 😜

A Phở Love Story is Loan Le’s debut novel. She is also an editor and has a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Fairfield University in Connecticut. In her spare time, she enjoys watching K-Dramas and listening to BTS.