Winter Wonderland Design

Derek, Laylia, and I based our society on these 5 values:


Education is vital for humans, and it is something that everyone should get. In order to show that our society values education, we have schools in our city for the citizens to attend. 


Inclusiveness is important for people to socially interact with each other. We added recreation centers for our citizens to interact with each other to symbolize inclusiveness. 

Fair Government: 

A fair government is important for a society to function properly. To show that we value a fair government, we placed a city hall in the middle of our city so that it is accessible and convenient for the citizens to access.  


Safety is very important. Without safety, it would be a dangerous environment for people to live in. To symbolize safety, we put snowplow trucks to clear the roads of snow. 


Relaxation reduces stress and is good for your health. In order to show that we value relaxation, we have a park, a ramp for people to sled, ski, or snowboard on, and an igloo as a resting place. 


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