Roast Beef

One of the dishes that I cooked this week was roast beef. This dish had a lovable texture that just melted in your mouth. There was also the familiar and enticing smell of cooked meat. I did not use a recipe; instead, I was given verbal instructions. Honestly, I don’t think I would change anything for this dish. I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t any particular challenges either. My greatest success, and thing I’m most proud of, would have to be that aforementioned texture, as that is exactly how I like my meat.

Garlic Potatoes

One of the dishes I made this week were garlic potatoes. They had a faint scent of garlic, which was what I used for flavoring. The texture was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I did not need a recipe for this dish as it was quite easy to make. If I were to make these potatoes again, I would add more garlic. I love garlic, and as such, it was my opinion that there was not enough to impact the taste all that much. Due to this recipe being pretty straight forward, there were no challenges that I can think of. My greatest success, and also the thing that I am most proud of, would have to be making something that I liked using potatoes, which is a type of food that I’m not the most found of.

Bacon and Onion Rice

For this assignment, I made a dish with rice, onion, and bacon. The result was quite delicious, with the familiar and strong scent of bacon mixed with the fluffy texture of rice caused a more than satisfying meal. I did not use a written recipe for this, instead my mom gave me a verbal recipe before I started cooking. Maybe I would add more bacon if I made this dish again, because you can never go wrong with bacon. There was no particular challenges with this dish, but it took me a bit to come up with the idea of what to cook in the first place. My greatest success would perhaps be the idea of adding bacon in the first place (I really like bacon). I’m not sure what I was most proud of, but maybe making sure that there was minimal clean up.