What’s the World Around Town?

  1. Was I able to identify how the geography impact the town / city with ease? How was I able to find how the physical geography impacted these areas? Official Kelowna tours, PDFs, and Kelowna history websites had lots of information, as well as my own experiences being there.

2. How did the technology personally affect my learning? What were the pros and cons of using maphub.com? It increases my learning by giving me ease of searching for data on the topics that I am researching.

PROs: Icons, line out areas, identifies location of structures, water bodies, and mountains.

CONs: Doesn’t give size of area, altitude, or terrain description.

3. Was I satisfied with the result of my design and solutions? I could have done more with the design if I went to get more help on learning about maphub. I am satisfied with my solutions.

4. How would I refine my assignment in the future? Use more designs, give a description to multiple other mountains, valleys, and water bodies in the area (that part was fun), and try to combine other software anywhere I could where it would fit within the map.

A Wrinkle in Time: The Movie

My Movie

Plot, Character, Setting, and Mood

My avatar is based entirely on the description given in the book. On the first page, Meg Murray, the protagonist, is described briefly as having “braces, glasses and fly away hair. She can’t seem to get anything right in school, where everyone thinks she is strange and stupid.” On my second slide describing the protagonist, the pictures weren’t needed but I did it to show an image of the character presented in the movie, compared to my avatar. Between the description in the book, and the movie, I made my avatar similar to the combination of that image created between the book and movie. The additions I had to imagine were the nose, chin, clothing, hair, and style of skin. When I say style of skin, I mean that the avatar is more animated compared to the picture which is more realistic.

Choosing the plot points was based on what the prediction of the story will be. It has to be a starting point with details on what to expect the book to be about. The plot points I selected were the initiating incident and rising action. The initiating incident involves the dialogue between Meg and Calvin about Meg’s father’s letters not coming in anymore. From Page 59 of the book, Meg said, “That’s the trouble.” Calvin asked, “Well, what about your father’s letters?” Meg responded, “They just stopped coming.” Meg’s voice was heavy with misery during this conversation. The rising action was when Mrs. Which was talking to Meg and Calvin about how the three misses worked with Alex to destroy the IT and learn more about tesseracts.

The setting of a story is based on the location where the story takes place, and the time that it takes place. These are found in clues also throughout the book. It could include the dressing of the people, or the language, or the speech, or even the dialect spoken, the weather, or season. Usually the first few pages of the book lays out the setting. On page 9 of the book, it talks about how Meg is in her house trying to sleep, wondering how everyone could sleep. “How could they sleep? All day on the radio there had been hurricane warnings.” This gives me an image of the hurricane season off the coast of Florida and the Caribbean. The setting gives the reader a picture of what the scene would look like. It makes the story come to life.

Mood in literature means the atmosphere and changes the emotions of the poem, poet, or audience to help get the meaning or main point across. Mood in movies is to change how the audience feel, giving them an emotional ride is a sign of a good movie. Mood in movies also help deliver secret messages to foreshadow things and give the audience hints, clues, or ideas about what will happen next. Mood in movies also helps show or keep mysteries of what the characters are thinking. On page 64 there is a chilling description of something terrible coming. “There was still the sound of leaves, a terrified, terrifying rushing. All light was gone. Darkness was complete. Suddenly the wind was gone, and all sound.”

I wanted a calming song to start off with, but then on the slide introducing the antagonist, I wanted some type of boss music then change back after the initiating incident. This proved to be too much of a challenge for the time I had, so I submitted it with only one soundtrack that lasts for two seconds longer after the slideshow ends.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that this book was very emotional. It had all the effects of mood, setting and plots to make this a thrilling adventure for any reader. The movie only helped put faces to characters, and that was a nice touch to better understand the book.

Core Competency Reflection

Prompt 1: I use evidence to manage my judgements or decisions as demonstrated in these answers by giving examples, and quotes to support my answers. For example when I discussed the mood of the scene. I gave a clear example on page 64 of how this scene was setting the reader up for something terrible to come. This project helped focus on certain themes, ideas like the settings and plot to make these judgements and/or decisions.

Prompt 2: When I need to boost my mood, or re-focus, I walk away from what I am doing, listen to music and exercise for a bit in order to clear my head. When I return to the task at hand, I have a clear mind, and am able to re-focus. This was an intense project. Having to figure out the fact that I need to step away was an important learning tool acquired in the process.

Prompt 3: I respectfully advocate for my needs by booking my time for flex and also during lunch if I need extra support. For this project, I had to seek support from Ms. Olchway several times. I learnt that I can help myself by seeking the help I need outside of class time.

Contract Law Story Board Reflection 


I have always loved doing projects over little assignments, they excite me. The only problem is even though it is less work, I’m put in partners or groups, this makes me feel unpleasantly restrained. But the bigger the project, the bigger the marks. I find it thrilling to risk it and simply go for it. Usually, we must present big projects, I find presenting my work fun to do. 

I managed to follow directions perfectly besides the pictures on the storyboard and gave more information than necessary in case something was incorrect. 

Product Innovation PowerPoint and Oral Presentation Reflections 

What are 3 interesting points (related to Ch. 1 business concepts) that you learned from your assignment? 

  1. Most Li-Fi companies are sole proprietorships and corporations. 
  1. People who bought/buy Li-Fi products, spreading the word of how good or bad it is changes the amount of customers, investors, how many people are investing in it, and the price of 

Li-Fi in different places, making it easier in some areas but harder in other areas for research to be conducted on Li-Fi. 

  1. When a product or service becomes available, it usually has a competition, loser’s product or service becomes obsolete. 

What core competencies did you demonstrate with the Product Innovation PowerPoint Assignment and oral presentation? 

Part of my third core competencies goal is to manage the assignment by doing certain parts of the criteria at a time in a certain order. Part of my first core competencies goal is to take a break, then read over what I wrote with a fresh mind to catch for mistakes and anything that needs to be adjusted.

Core Competency Goals 

Aahil Sonawala 


My first goal is to get a GPA of 4.0 for all four years in high school. In order to do this, I need to make sure that I get an A in every course. This means I must work diligently and be sure to complete all my assignments on time and perfectly well. I also need to read over everything I do each day at the end of the day. In doing so, I will be in a better position to get a perfect score for any quizzes. Some of these assignments could be things that I enjoy doing which would be pleasant. 

My second goal is to research requirements for university for the courses of my interest. My dream is to do Astrophysics and astronomy in the future. As such, it would be prudent to get all the information regarding the course requirements and any prerequisites. Research into the course description would be helpful in choosing the root subjects. This would be the time to talk to career counselors and get the right advice in order to not waste time. 

My third and final goal is to build a characteristic as an adult by the time I finish high school that is respectable, disciplined, honest, and trustworthy. As people go through high school, we are faced with many challenges, including peer pressure, assignment stresses, procrastination, social skills, and concerns over body changes. Facing those challenges and rising above them is the key. When a person can advocate for themselves, resist peer pressure, and adapt to changes in their environment and themselves, it builds their character. By the time we graduate grade twelve, we become who we have practiced being over the last four years. My goal is to be a well-rounded adult. In doing so, I need to not only focus on my grades, but also how I handle myself with multiple assignments, tests, and social skills. I also must focus on a healthy body and a healthy mind by exercising and using methods of meditation. 

Animate E-Card Reflection 


  • What is the theme/message of your E-Card? 

Out of all events, I chose for the e-card to say Happy Halloween through a transition of pictures that I found off the internet while hiding pictures of webs as the background and changing the zoom. Lastly, I downloaded a video of Halloween music from YouTube after searching through around 20 different ones and imported that into the Adobe Animate. For some reason when turning it in on Teams, it wouldn’t load so I searched through different websites that would load and I found one, but it didn’t show the frames. I had to try importing the Adobe version again in front of the teacher, but I couldn’t find it, I didn’t save it. Because of that, I had to restart but couldn’t find the same pictures, so I did a completely different E-card that wasn’t as good as the first one because I was in a rush since having to restart got me one unit behind. My second E-card was the same theme but with a rolling pumpkin with a white background rolling into another white background, the pumpkin jumping while using the “squish and squash” technique, a happy Halloween blinking in and out next to the pumpkin taking up 1/4 of the screen, then a knight chasing the pumpkin away, then the knight being stationary next to the happy Halloween sign. I then quickly tried to find a Halloween soundtrack from the free sound website after looking through around five different ones, downloaded it, and imported that. For some reason, the second E-card was able to upload onto Teams and I turned it in. 

  • What core competencies did you demonstrate with the E-Card Assignment?  

I believe I demonstrated part of my third core competency goal in the long run of this assignment. 

My third and final goal is to build a characteristic that is respectable, disciplined, honest, efficient, and trustworthy. As people go through high school, we are faced with many challenges, including peer pressure, assignment stresses, procrastination, social skills, and concerns over body changes. Facing those challenges and rising above them is the key. When a person can advocate for themselves, resist peer pressure, and adapt to changes in their environment and themselves, it builds their character. My goal is to be a well-rounded adult. In doing so, I need to not only focus on the task at hand but had to manage the order in which I can easily map through my priorities… I could have just found an Animate E-card off the internet, but I held myself back, I didn’t lie, didn’t want to, and didn’t plan on it. Back in middle school I didn’t have the skill to organize my assignments very well nor had the efficiency skills to complete them even if they were organized. Now in high school, I can take a step up. In middle school I also couldn’t advocate for myself very much, now in high school I am able to write and talk with sense and not say whatever comes to my mind. If I still couldn’t verbally defend for myself, when I couldn’t find the pictures on the internet I used in-front of my teacher, she probably would have given me a 0 thinking I was cheating when I made the first e-card and that I found it instead of actually made it. Next time, I won’t be as clumsy as I was in the making of this assignment.