Slam Poetry Reflection

The slam poetry was a great exercise in building confidence. I strongly believe that my volume, tone, pitch, hand gestures, and the content was appropriate. However, there is always room for improvement. I am mostly proud of the slam’s content. I feel that the ideas were relatable and used many poetic devices. My regular talking voice is enough for others to hear me from a decent distance. I was content knowing everyone could hear me, and judging by the attention from the class, that my poem was worth listening to.  

If I were to do this again, I think that my focus of improvement should be on 3 things: Hand gestures, tone, and number of lines presented. I tried my best to use an extensive repertoire of words, while keeping my phrases simple enough to understand, yet vaguely enigmatic (via imagery) enough to keep the phrases in the thoughts of the listeners. 

When practicing, I stuttered briefly, and that caused me to lose my point on the script. For next time, I will have one point per cue card to not be lost, as best as possible. Right before going up to present my slam poem, I knew that I felt a little nervous, I could feel my legs wanting to jitter but, I was thinking too much about making sure I had memorized the poem. For next time, I will try to memorize it well in advance. Maybe that will help relieve the anxiety and the jittery feelings I had. 

I tried my best to limit the number of ideas that can be added into the poem by setting a strict context to poetic devices, so I’d simplify my rubric, as long as I reach or pass the amount of words/lines needed; and with less to go off, I can conclude the lines and poem overall easier than trying to fill in the end with every possible conclusion I can think of. What was going through my mind when I started looking for a conclusion was trying to eliminate options against the strict context and if there’s any possible that could end in a poetic device, or simply any possible vagueness or puzzling mini concepts, then organizing the remaining into categories of simple, mid, and too open-ended or difficult to understand. I organized and eliminated those categories thanks to Ms. Touré’s advice of having things relatable but, not having a possible context misunderstanding, and not too unorthodoxy words. Lastly, I inserted whichever had the best rings to them. 

Core Competencies in Poem:

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated in line 3: “Me at 9 was a common sense and unknown variable questionnaire…” meaning I took answers to questions, and what proves those right or wrong to narrow down my options of what to do in certain situations, then make the judgement of which action(s) to take based on prioritization. An example of when this happened is when choosing to finish my booklet of questions about the book previously read, over doing the journal prompt but, I wrote down the journal prompt first knowing it would be taken down. 

I seek, develop and weigh options as demonstrated by writing down a bank of possible words for each description and poetic devices I want to use, and develop new ways to connect contexts. For each context I produced, I sought alternate word placements to challenge basic English grammar. In doing so, weighed options of which poetic device(s) to go for, as more opened to me for each set of possible word placements I verified could work. 

Reflecting on My First Year

My Grade 9 Year 

During my first year here at Centennial Secondary, I have already expanded my knowledge in various areas and experiences, studied the past, understood how it ties into today’s society, how to predict things like weather and what will go well whereas what won’t in a stock market, and learnt about law. I’ve had a lot of good times and fun yet informative work activities to do such as anything related to PHE (Physical Health Education), presentations in business, and anything in math besides ADL. I enjoyed conversations during lunchtime with some of the students in the same class as me, with Dario (one of the janitors), and some of my teachers like Mr. Cook or Ms. Do about our work, what we’ll do later, and diving deeper into topics we covered or that we will cover later. 

I learnt things about religion, phycology, and about Shakespear’s life from Mr. Cook, some history of Canada, the slave triangle trade, colonization of Canada, Charles I, Charles II, the Bloody Court, the France civil war with Louis XVI, the Bill of Rights, the Habious Corpus, the existence of the Grand Remonstrance, trading with the first nations, and sweatshops during the Industrial Revolution vs now and opinions on them from Mr. Wilkinson, a deeper understanding of cell parts, cell reproduction (mitosis and meiosis), understood a ton more of chemistry than I ever did in middle school, and learnt about physics such as kinetic, potential, electric, and static electricity from Ms. Joo. 

I overcame my time management challenges of not getting to school in time, not getting some of my homework done on time, and technically not getting to sleep in time too. No matter the time I woke up, I always distracted myself or spent too much time doing something that I got late for school; it could have been that I decided to start playing games even though I wasn’t fully ready to leave, or that I slept in, or that I decided to work out instead of packing my backpack, all which would make me late for school no matter if I woke up at 6:30 or 7:30, but I always arrived at the same time which was around 5 past the time I was supposed to be there. I was a very slow writer, too much of a perfectionist, and tried to be too accurate when writing information that I went off topic or wrote down true things but still, they were things that weren’t mentioned in the material given to me by my teacher(s). The “technically not getting to sleep in time” is justifiable because I had sleep deprivation at the time, even when writing this I still have sleep deprivation (writing this at 12:17am). Hopefully my sleep deprivation will go away soon, I compensate by exercising and following “you are what you eat.” 

This year, I reached my second goal of researching the prerequisites and requirements to obtain the skillsets and wisdom to follow the path of an astronomer and a medical scientist. I reached my third goal of developing myself in a positive manner, avoided things that could reduce my mental growth and/or physical health. I developed positive habits like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First things First (prioritize), Think Win Win (think of a conclusion where both sides win), Seek First to Understand than to be Understood (listen to something first before giving your absolute, full, or final response), Synergize (work with others to produce a greater result than separate efforts), Sharpen the Saw (take time to self for free time, relaxation, and looking after one’s health). I have developed traits such as respect, honesty, courtesy, modesty, integrity, never set people’s abilities on different standards like someone misogynistic or sexist, and tried my best never to give up on someone or something once giving my attention, time, help, and efforts. 

This year, I realized I learn best by small explanations or visuals if there’s a formula to be learned, and repetition of using new knowledge to retain it and make full sense of it. 

When having difficulty with something, I turn to my mother if its for grammar or science, my dad if its for religion, math, or history, and both if its for business. I turn to Mr. Cook if its for psychology or poetic devices, I turn to my extracurricular math teachers, Ms. Do, and Ms. Lam for math, and I turn to my uncle (mom’s brother) or Ms. Olchway if its tech. 

Favourite Website 

I don’t have a favorite website for educational purposes but I can say would be my favorite because its where I access all information, articles, games, pictures, videos, and examples on various assignments. 

Favourite Video 

For videos as well, I don’t have a favorite. I chose this one because I like math and without it, I wouldn’t know how to solve math questions ahead of my grade. I don’t care if I’ll do it later on and have time, its math so I’m eager to learn it. 

Favourite Picture 

I chose this picture to be my favourite (totally didn’t make this picture right when I saw this assignment in teams) because its a reflection of all the PowerPoints I made which I am proud of since I put effort into them, but also because it gives me a trip-down-memory-lane of some of the things I’ve covered throughout the school year everytime I look at them. 

Just by looking at them, I remember what I did in those PowerPoints and for what class. 

English 8 & 9: Poem definition, I did that in grade 8 but added more in grade 9, the poem definition was just a small assignment to put down five poetic devices we learned so far at that time, I added more than I was supposed to that it went into the twenties, I added more in grade 9 to put it into the thirties. A Wrinkle in Time is a book and a movie. I did a PowerPoint in a video format reflecting on the storyline and characters in the book version even though I really wanted to do the movie, it was against the instructions (so it wasn’t as cool). 

Business 9: The 1980 Recession was due to tight money related policies to fight mounting inflation, ending in interest rates dropping but unemployment rates hitting 24% then dropping to 17% by the end of the year. It was also due to the Iranian revolution energy crisis which caused a disruption to the global oil supply. The economy was building up to the recession since the 1960s and is quite surprising that it took two decades for things to start going downhill. Business, politics, and history are not my interests so I’m happy I did this in a group. The business flowchart is just the process of what happens once an online order is placed, it was a very small project but required a ton of research. 

Science 9: The background looks like an amazing work of art, and even though it only took me three consecutive hours to make those ten detailed and informative slides, it took three consecutive hours. 

Favourite Quote 

“Everything has a formula. Knowledge are building blocks to construct items in which you discover new formulas.” -Irfan Sonawala 

This is the most true quote I could find relating to education. I chose this quote out of all the quotes there are because of favoritism towards the fact that my father made it on the spot when I asked him for a quote, and when it comes to education I have no quotes in mind. 

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Desmos Polygraph Activity

Desmos is a game mainly for laptop, computer, or pc. This game is designed to be an educational game of exercising mathematical thinking to narrow down graphs by asking yes or no questions to the person who picked a graph out of the options given. The goal is to figure out what graph the other person chose in the shortest time possible and with the least questions possible, each graph deemed not it should be justified and make sense. Yes, this mean you need a partner in order to play Desmos as there are no npc/robots.

Core Competency Reflection

I can easily identify where I need help in math and where I am fully and confidently able to help others learn and grasp concepts.

I don’t require nor use internal motivation to do most math related things because I find it as fun as doing a word search or sudoku, especially when it is put into a game format like Desmos even if I generally dislike that aspect of math. For some aspects of math like graphing or order of operations with decimals, I do use internal motivation which is simply “do it now, do it later with possibly less motivation and energy, or don’t do it at all and get a not so good mark/grade.” Of course, I pick the first option, I don’t gamble with the second one, plus I could have free time or at least less work later if I do the work currently.

I stay proactive and openly accept opportunities for positive and healthy self-growth, whilst reactively retaliating against anything that will reduce my mental growth or physical health. I use my skills and the knowledge I gain to constantly develop myself and others.

Element Assignment

Core Competencies

I can statements

I can understand and share information about a topic of interest in a clear, organized way.

I can inquire into and present on topics of interest and topics related to my studies.

I can recognize different points of view and can disagree respectfully.

I can apply constructive strategies to navigate misunderstandings and conflicts.

I can analyze evidence to make judgements.

I can reflect on my thinking.

ADL – Collaborations and Solutions for Financial Literacy 

Data and Solutions 

ADL- Math Scenario 

You want to buy a place in the next 3 years. For your purchase, you want to ensure you have enough for a minimum down-payment of 15%. The place’s you are looking at all cost approximately 800,000 dollars. For this scenario, we will assume the housing market has stagnated, as such, you do not expect the price to change in the next 3 years. 

As of this moment, you have 80,000 already saved for a down-payment. 

Each year, you make enough to add 10,000$ which can be added to your amount to use for a down-payment. 

It is now your responsibility to think about what you would do with your money to reach your goal of being able secure the amount needed for a down-payment within three years. As such, you must consider what is the best method for your investing goals. 

You have the following options available to you. 

  1. One Year 3.5% annual non-redeemable GIC 
  1. Two year 4.2% non redeemable GIC (4.2% annual return per year) 
  1. Stock Investments 

Use the data to help you For a declines, consider this past year. For expected growths, calculate the average annual growth from 2017-2021. Use the EAG for calculating growth in your stocks. 

Goal is to get 15% of $800k which is $120k. 

Start with $80k, add $10k each year, for option 1 add 3.5% of $10k. For option 2, add 4.2% of $10k. For option 3 add 28.79% of $80k then add $10k. Option 1 is constantly putting them into 1 year GICs, option 2 is constantly putting them into 3 year GICs, option 3 is stocks where you could either gain money or lose money, its very risky unless you thoroughly look through what you’re investing into.

Option 1 (Goal: $120k) 

Year 1: 80,000 + 10,000 + 350 = 90,350  

Year 2: 90,350 + 10,000 + 350 = 100,700  

Year 3: 100,700 +10,000 + 350 = 111,050  

Year 4: 111,050 + 10,000 + 350 = 121,400 

All 4 GICs claimed by year 5

Will Work after 5 years 

Option 2 (Goal: $120k) 

Year 1: 80,000 + 10,000 + 420 = 90,420  

Year 2: 90,420 + 10,000 + 420 = 100,840  

Year 3: 100,840 + 10,000 + 420 = 111,260  

Year 4: 111,260 + 10,000 + 420 = 121,680 

All 4 GICs claimed by year 7

Will Work after 7 years

Option 3 (Goal: $120k) (With 2022 loss)

Year 1: 80,000 x 1.075 + 10,000 = 96000

Year 2: 96000 x 1.075 + 10,000 = 113200

Year 3: 113200 x 1.075 +10000= 131690

If a loss in year 3: 113200 x 0.913 +10000= 113351.60

Will Work after 3 years 

Option 1 is least risk because its less time than option 2. Option 2 is moderate risk because if you’re in a bad financial position then you can’t pull out the money unless you pay, and even then, you would pull out less. Option 3 in a real scenario is highly risky because you could lose money too but option 3 here works the best. I would go with option 1 in a real scenario.

These are graphs of the options. The first graph shows option 1 and 2, the second graph showing the option 3’s with blue being if everything went well, and the orange one being with the 2022 loss.

Personally, in real life if I was trying to get this money, I would choose option 1 because if bringing option 1 and 2 up to two years, option 1 would be 7% while option 2 would be 4.2%. If I knew what stocks to invest in, and if the market would be good or not, I would pick option 3, it would save a year and make more than enough money to meet the goal.

Core Competency Reflection:

Prompt 1: I can demonstrate rational, reasonable, and appropriate behavior in a group

Prompt 2: I can explain my ideas and explain something in different ways

Prompt 3: I can stick to a guideline/instructions even if I don’t understand what is supposed to happen

Prompt 4: I can regulate myself and others around me to focus more on the main priority

Collaboration and Contributions: 

At the start of this assignment, I had no clue on what the instructions were saying, where any of the numbers came from, nor what processes to use. It took me around 20 times of re-reading the whole page repeatedly until I understood what we were doing, and it turned out to be easy. The process to use to get the answers was already on the paper. We were put into groups, each group with a respective board. We then had to write our processes and answers to the questions on our board. Mr. Rudich would then come around asking individual people to explain what they were doing in their processes to get their answers. I tried helping other groups understand what was going on and how to use the process, but I never have them an actual answer to any of the questions, unless they were part of my group. It gave me a slight chuckle to see those who didn’t understand what was going on try to explain.

When I didn’t understand what was going on, I was keeping up with punching numbers into a calculator for my group, (when I didn’t understand what to type in, that’s when another group member would decide to help) that helped me slightly understand what was supposed to be done on top of asking the one who wrote down our processes onto our respective board where each number came from and why do different things with those numbers. We weren’t exactly a group, personally it felt more like partners because most of the group either still didn’t understand on weren’t focusing. Things were kind of looking up until we got to having to write what we did all down on EduBlog, everybody understood what was supposed to happen then, I assume this is so because they saw other people’s examples. At the end of the day though, it was fun. On a scale of 1-4 for my ability to colaberate with others, 2.9. I’d say this is the second most fun ADL assignment I’ve done so far. Most fun was the digital footprint EduBlog assignment.

What’s the World Around Town?

  1. Was I able to identify how the geography impact the town / city with ease? How was I able to find how the physical geography impacted these areas? Official Kelowna tours, PDFs, and Kelowna history websites had lots of information, as well as my own experiences being there.

2. How did the technology personally affect my learning? What were the pros and cons of using It increases my learning by giving me ease of searching for data on the topics that I am researching.

PROs: Icons, line out areas, identifies location of structures, water bodies, and mountains.

CONs: Doesn’t give size of area, altitude, or terrain description.

3. Was I satisfied with the result of my design and solutions? I could have done more with the design if I went to get more help on learning about maphub. I am satisfied with my solutions.

4. How would I refine my assignment in the future? Use more designs, give a description to multiple other mountains, valleys, and water bodies in the area (that part was fun), and try to combine other software anywhere I could where it would fit within the map.

A Wrinkle in Time: The Movie

My Movie

Plot, Character, Setting, and Mood

My avatar is based entirely on the description given in the book. On the first page, Meg Murray, the protagonist, is described briefly as having “braces, glasses and fly away hair. She can’t seem to get anything right in school, where everyone thinks she is strange and stupid.” On my second slide describing the protagonist, the pictures weren’t needed but I did it to show an image of the character presented in the movie, compared to my avatar. Between the description in the book, and the movie, I made my avatar similar to the combination of that image created between the book and movie. The additions I had to imagine were the nose, chin, clothing, hair, and style of skin. When I say style of skin, I mean that the avatar is more animated compared to the picture which is more realistic.

Choosing the plot points was based on what the prediction of the story will be. It has to be a starting point with details on what to expect the book to be about. The plot points I selected were the initiating incident and rising action. The initiating incident involves the dialogue between Meg and Calvin about Meg’s father’s letters not coming in anymore. From Page 59 of the book, Meg said, “That’s the trouble.” Calvin asked, “Well, what about your father’s letters?” Meg responded, “They just stopped coming.” Meg’s voice was heavy with misery during this conversation. The rising action was when Mrs. Which was talking to Meg and Calvin about how the three misses worked with Alex to destroy the IT and learn more about tesseracts.

The setting of a story is based on the location where the story takes place, and the time that it takes place. These are found in clues also throughout the book. It could include the dressing of the people, or the language, or the speech, or even the dialect spoken, the weather, or season. Usually the first few pages of the book lays out the setting. On page 9 of the book, it talks about how Meg is in her house trying to sleep, wondering how everyone could sleep. “How could they sleep? All day on the radio there had been hurricane warnings.” This gives me an image of the hurricane season off the coast of Florida and the Caribbean. The setting gives the reader a picture of what the scene would look like. It makes the story come to life.

Mood in literature means the atmosphere and changes the emotions of the poem, poet, or audience to help get the meaning or main point across. Mood in movies is to change how the audience feel, giving them an emotional ride is a sign of a good movie. Mood in movies also help deliver secret messages to foreshadow things and give the audience hints, clues, or ideas about what will happen next. Mood in movies also helps show or keep mysteries of what the characters are thinking. On page 64 there is a chilling description of something terrible coming. “There was still the sound of leaves, a terrified, terrifying rushing. All light was gone. Darkness was complete. Suddenly the wind was gone, and all sound.”

I wanted a calming song to start off with, but then on the slide introducing the antagonist, I wanted some type of boss music then change back after the initiating incident. This proved to be too much of a challenge for the time I had, so I submitted it with only one soundtrack that lasts for two seconds longer after the slideshow ends.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that this book was very emotional. It had all the effects of mood, setting and plots to make this a thrilling adventure for any reader. The movie only helped put faces to characters, and that was a nice touch to better understand the book.

Core Competency Reflection

Prompt 1: I use evidence to manage my judgements or decisions as demonstrated in these answers by giving examples, and quotes to support my answers. For example when I discussed the mood of the scene. I gave a clear example on page 64 of how this scene was setting the reader up for something terrible to come. This project helped focus on certain themes, ideas like the settings and plot to make these judgements and/or decisions.

Prompt 2: When I need to boost my mood, or re-focus, I walk away from what I am doing, listen to music and exercise for a bit in order to clear my head. When I return to the task at hand, I have a clear mind, and am able to re-focus. This was an intense project. Having to figure out the fact that I need to step away was an important learning tool acquired in the process.

Prompt 3: I respectfully advocate for my needs by booking my time for flex and also during lunch if I need extra support. For this project, I had to seek support from Ms. Olchway several times. I learnt that I can help myself by seeking the help I need outside of class time.

Contract Law Story Board Reflection 


I have always loved doing projects over little assignments, they excite me. The only problem is even though it is less work, I’m put in partners or groups, this makes me feel unpleasantly restrained. But the bigger the project, the bigger the marks. I find it thrilling to risk it and simply go for it. Usually, we must present big projects, I find presenting my work fun to do. 

I managed to follow directions perfectly besides the pictures on the storyboard and gave more information than necessary in case something was incorrect.